Saturday, May 23, 2009

Big International Signings in the NL East

There have already been 9 international signings this season, but two of them stand out in particular.

Max Javier, SS (Lo-A), Washington D.C. Blue Coats

Javier, an 18-year old from Venezuela, will be a well-rounded player. The word on him is that his speed and arm are already ML level. His bat and fielding will take time, but his hitting, power, and glove should be well above ML average when he's ready. Scouts aren't sure if he'd be an elite defensive shortstop, but he'd be adequate and would be outstanding defensively at any other position. Has a good eye to go with his natural hitting ability. Considering Washington spent $20 million to sign him, he'd better be good.

Neifi Gonzalez, P (Lo-A), Atlanta Bandits

Gonzalez, a Dominican 18-year-old lefty, definitely seems to be on track to be a future ML starter. Fastball, slider, and change-up all will be ML quality, although none will be really dominant. Should be tough on righties and almost impossible for lefties to hit. Good durability- will take the ball every 5 days. Only concerns scouts seem to have are his health and stamina- he did seem to get tired late in games for the Dominican national team. Atlanta spent $18 million to grab Gonzalez.

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