Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tweeting our Season Recaps

If it's good enough for Mark Cuban, it's good enough for us here at The Bigs Daily News. All 32 teams, recapped in Twitter style (135 characters or less).

National League

Atlanta: We trade the MVP and get better? Now part of the NL elite.

Trenton: Lineup is too old, rotation is too young. Enough talent to win 84. Not enough to make the playoffs.

Norfolk: Diaz took the year off. Atlanta sank our battleship.

Washington: When do Leonard and Rader get here?

Fargo: We took the title! Now to enjoy the North Dakota offseason...

Chicago: We hate Fargo.

Philadelphia: Bernie signed for 3 more seasons. Now to get a team around him...

Toronto: How does middle of the pack in offense and pitching land us in last?

Houston: We dominated our division yet again! Playoffs... don't ask.

New Orleans: You know you're in the south when some guy named Bobby Ray leads you in wins. Should have been Carlos.

San Juan: Apparently you have to keep runs off the board in order to win. Can Oswaldo pitch?

Austin: Lots of steals, few runs. Can we deport Hasegawa?

Cheyenne: Our "reward" for winning the division is Chicago in the playoffs? Let Salem have it next time.

Salem: We have Dunwoody, Salmon, Allensworth as starters... and a closer who should be flippin' burgers somewhere.

Salt Lake City: Hernandez is a beast- too bad half the rotation forgot to show up this season.

Vancouver: From the penthouse to the outhouse.


Louisville: Officially the best franchise to have never made a World Series appearance.

Scranton: How much further in the playoffs could we go if we didn't strike out so much?

New York: Offense can be renamed Duvall, Castillo, and the 7 outs.

Boston: At least the fans were entertained watching all the runs. Too bad we gave up most of them.

Milwaukee: So close, yet so far away...

St. Louis: If you give up exactly one more run than you score... yep, you'll be right around .500

Buffalo: At least it was better than last season. And we have Diaz and Clay to build around. As for the rest of the roster...

Syracuse: Offense is decent, too many strikeouts. Can we leave the pitching staff at the State Fairgrounds?

Monterrey: Finally got home field against Milwaukee! Too bad it didn't help.

Jackson: Proving you can make the playoffs for less money than the cost of Yankees season tickets.

Nashville: Santiago, Black, and Winn. Pitching staff is a sin.

Oklahoma City: Nothing sneaky about us. Nominate Colome for Cy Yuk.

Las Vegas: In our final performance, we finish below .500... and win the division AND a playoff series? Do they want an encore? Not sure.

Anaheim: Dixon struggled and Griffith is on the team. Not a good combination.

Boise: Hail to the Chief, as he, Zheng, and Medrano are about all we have.

Seattle: When do the young pieces start to come together?

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