Friday, April 24, 2009

Johnson wins 3rd NL MVP Award

Henriquez wins second NL Cy Young by a landslide

San Juan's Osvaldo Johnson was named the National League MVP for the third time in his career today. Johnson, who hit .307 with 66 homeruns and 141 RBI with a 1.101 OPS, received 19 of 32 votes to capture his first MVP award since joining the Dead Bunnies. Johnson's 66 homeruns led the major leagues. The other National League award races weren't as close.

Fargo's Javier Henriquez took home his second Cy Young Award by tallying 22 of the 32 possible votes. Henriquez, who won his first Cy Young Award in season 2, was 18-6 with a 0.99 WHIP and a major league-leading 1.86 ERA.

The Rookie of the Year race was also a blowout as Houston pitcher Lonny Gates took home the award with 20 of the 32 possible votes. Gates posted a 17-7 record in his rookie season with a 1.18 WHIP and 2.81 ERA in 224.1 innings.

Things were a bit tighter over in the American League where Milwaukee's Luis Martinez edged out Buffalo's Julio Diaz for his first MVP Award by a vote tally of 15-10. Martinez hit .315 with 46 homeruns and 91 RBI with a 1.034 OPS.

This season marks the first time that a non-Milwaukee pitcher has won the AL Cy Young Award since season 1 as Monterrey's Albert Gonzalez received 15 votes to take home the award. Gonzalez tied for the majoe league lead with 19 wins while posting a 1.18 WHIP and 2.78 ERA in 210.1 IP.

In additon to the Cy Young Award winner, the Sultans are home to the AL Rookie of the Year as well as Rick Anderson won the award with 18 of the 32 votes. Anderson hit .344 with 30 homeruns and 96 RBI with a 1.005 OPS this season.

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