Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Playoff Predictions

The Season 5 matchups are set. Here's how I think it'll go (bound to go wrong, as usual).


Wild Card

#6 Salem over #3 Houston in 5. Something tells me Dunwoody and Salmon find a way to outduel Gates and Oliver.

#5 Chicago over #4 Cheyenne in 4. Jay Walker is going to play a big role at some point.


#1 Fargo over #5 Chicago in 3. Fargo's pitching shuts down the Snake Tamer offense.

#2 Atlanta over #6 Salem in 4. Atlanta rotation is deeper and can match the Sacrifices on offense.


#1 Fargo over #2 Atlanta in 6. I think Javy Henriquez has one of those postseasons where he is untouchable.


Wild Card

#3 Louisville over #6 Jackson in 5. I think the Legends have more talent on paper, but I think Jackson has enough to make this interesting. Don't be surprised if Jackson marches on.

#4 Las Vegas over #5 Scranton in 4. Am I really picking a below .500 team to win a playoff series? Apparently. I don't like Scranton's offense.


#1 Monterrey over #4 Las Vegas in 3. The Gamblers' run ends here. The Sultans are better on offense in in the rotation.

#2 Milwaukee over #3 Louisville in 4. Like Monterrey, they have too much talent. I'll give Louisville a game.


#2 Milwaukee over #1 Monterrey in 7. Whenever these two get together, it's a pick-em series. Last time they faced off in the ALCS was season 2, and that was an epic 7-game series. I expect nothing different.

World Series

Fargo over Milwaukee in 6. Henriquez, Arnold, Pierce, and company finally get their rings.

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