Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rumor and Gambler News

A couple rumors have been in circulation for a little while as the season draws to a close. It seems that a couple teams have been approached by cities actively seeking a team. One city high on the list of at least three teams is Helena and they are actively courting two teams though not openly. Arizona wants to reopen the Snake Pit and is courting one team at the moment. Mexico City is interested in a team and is slyly on the make.

The Gamblers recently gave up on the oft injured Shooter Green and gave him his unconditional release fearing his elbow needs surgery in the off season though some doctors disagree. They seem to think that his back has changed his delivery and caused the problem. Either way the situation doesn't look good.

The search went on to find a left handed 1B in the organization as Gabe Hynes was given a chance to perform with little success and was released. Picked up by Austin and has not overwhelmed the coaches or management with his new team. Randy Baptist was given a season and a half with meager success and was released due to health reasons. He was picked up by Vancouver where he has been ripping the cover off the ball in the low minors. The Golden Otters are high on the kid but know about his lack of success at the ML level but may give him another shot at roster expansion. Karim Batista won the job then immediately sprained his shoulder sliding into second base and is out for the season. There is no justice in this game at all sometimes.

Jay Hegan also won the job at 3B and is progressing nicely at the position. William Hamilton also won a job but is frustrated at the lack of playing time.

The minors look pretty impressive as the Rookies are one win away from wrapping up the division and the number 1 seed already. Low A is one game away from a 100 win season and look to be the number 1 seed there also. High A has been contentious all season as all four teams in the division will have winning records but only three will make the playoffs. Double A sees the Gamblers in control of the number 1 seed at the moment with a very impressive road record. AAA looks pretty pathetic after taking most of the talent away but should have a winning record.

The question now is what is wrong at the ML level. Defense is adequate. Hitting is not so hot but actually performing better than last years team in many categories. Pitching looks bad but is performing adequately. Just seems like nothing is clicking together and I don't have an answer as to why.

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