Saturday, April 18, 2009

Take 5

Today's question: What are the top 5 rivalries in The Bigs?

1. Fargo Dirtbags vs. Chicago Snake Tamers

Teams in the same division tend to make the best rivals. This one, when it counts, seems to be one-sided, as Fargo has finished 1st to Chicago's second place the past four seasons. More important, the Dirtbags have faced the Snake Tamers 3 times in the playoffs and have advanced all 3 times. With plenty of young talent on both teams, expect many more chapters to be written in this story in the next few seasons.

2. Louisville Legends vs. Monterrey Sultans

Milwaukee and Monterrey (see #4) tend to get the ink in the AL, but Louisville has been more of a thorn in the Sultans' side than the Manic Maulers have been, especially in the playoffs. They have also faced 3 times in the playoffs. Monterrey won the first time (in season 2) en route to the title, but Louisville won the last two.

3. Salem Sacrifices vs. Cheyenne Nation

This one has its basis both on and off the field. Cheyenne GM deaconsoule has been, at times, Steinbrenner-like in some of his comments and grandiose predictions. His favorite target tends to be division-mate Salem's GM, trailjon541. There is substance to the rivalry: the teams have finished 1-2 in the division 4 times, with each team claiming 2 division titles. They've yet to meet in the playoffs.

4. Milwaukee Manic Maulers vs. Monterrey Sultans

If form had held in the playoffs, these two teams would have met each and every season, including this one. As it stands, they have only one epic 7-game ALCS (Season 2) to show for finishing 1-2 (in some order) in the American League all 5 seasons. The battle has often been in the standings, as #1 seed gets home field for the ALCS and usually means avoiding playing Louisville in the divisional series.

5. Las Vegas Gamblers vs. Scranton Janitors

This one was created completely in the playoffs. They are not natural rivals by any means, but they've played 3 straight seasons in the wild card round. Each series went the maximum 5 games, with Scranton winning 2 out of 3 times. In this season's battle, Las Vegas outscored Scranton 22-18 but lost the series.

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