Monday, April 13, 2009

Trenton Grades- Pitchers

And now for the pitchers.

Johnnie Reagan: B-. Record was good (11-6), but just didn't pitch enough innings. Decent numbers, just not up to his standards.

Damion Mays: D. Way too much talent to be 10-10 with a 4.45 ERA in the NL.

R.J. Toca: C-. Started out great, came down to earth and ended up with similar numbers to Mays.

Enrique Rijo: B-. Exactly what you would expect from a #4 or 5 starter. Walks too many men.

Vic Rincon/Will Piper/Tito Mercedes- B. Spot starters, kept the team in games more often than not.

Bert Pierre: A-. Was very good in the swingman role, winning 10 games.

Rob Gilmore: B+. Solid season as the closer, saving 31 of 39.

Pablo Rojas: B. Pitched 99 innings as the main setup guy. Record wasn't good (4-7), rest of his numbers were solid.

Mitch Clark: C+. Came on a bit at the end, should get better from here.

Karl Coleman: C-. Mid-season callup had a decent ERA, but the league hit .300 against him. Still learning.

Bo Hatfield: F. Was brought in to do one thing (get out lefties). Did it rather poorly. ERA of almost 6.5, WHIP of 1.77. GM Gumbercules might as well have taken $1.7 million and flushed it down the toilet.

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