Wednesday, April 8, 2009

17 Games To Go

The AL:
Milwaukee Manic Maulers has already clinched the North title and probably the #2 seed in the playoffs.

Louisville Legends has all but wrapped up the East with an 11 game lead and probably the #3 seed.

Monterrey Sultans has clinched the South title and probably the #1 seed.

Las Vegas Gamblers are in first place in the ugly West but for how long? The Anaheim Chiles could win the West. Either way it will be by a team with a sub .500 record unless one of the two get real hot. The Gamblers have all their games at home and with their home record doesn't look good. The Chiles have most of their games at home also and their home record is just as abysmal. Who will win and form the looks of it who cares?

The wild card spots are all up for grabs as four teams could claim a berth and two with an outside chance. The Jackson Vipers have the best chance at the moment. The Scranton Janitors, Nashville Sounds and New York new york all have other plans and design on both spots. The Syracuse Simpletons and the St. Louis Silly Nannies are in position if the others falter.

The NL:
Fargo Dirtbags have more or less clinched the North title and hold the #1 seed.

Atlanta Bandits has clinched the East division title and are fighting for the #1 seed.

Houston Riverdogs has clinched the South division title and probably the #3 seed.

Salem Sacrifices are in first place today but only by a game as the faltering Cheyenne Nation have lost 7 in a row. The winner will claim the #4 seed and the loser probably a wild card spot.

The wild card sees the Chicago Snake Tamers with the #5 seed at the moment and holds a sizable lead over the two West contenders. The Trenton Traffic is holding out hope as their current 7 game win streak has propelled them into contention. Should Cheyenne continue their losing ways, Trenton will be their to claim the final prize.

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