Tuesday, August 10, 2010

3 Young Stars sign Contract Extensions

Three major AL stars signed contract extensions with their teams instead of going to arbitration.

Reigning AL MVP A.J. Leonard signed a 5-year, $43.75 million extension with the Buffalo Blue Cheese. The deal came with a no-trade clause. "A.J. is happy to be a member of the Blue Cheese for the foreseeable future", said Wade Nicholson, Leonard's agent, at the press conference to announce the signing. "We think Buffalo has a bright future, particularly with A.J. as a part of it. We were willing to commit 5 years of his service to Buffalo, and the franchise was willing to commit to A.J. in the form of cash and the no-trade clause. I'd say both sides are happy".

4-time All-Star SS Amp Palmer signed on for 4 more years in Louisville at $38 million. Like Leonard, he is a former number 1 overall pick in the amateur draft and he has helped lead Louisville to a division title in all 6 of his big league seasons. "This is a proud franchise and I'm proud to be a major part of it", said Palmer. "I love it here and am looking forward to bringing a title to Louisville".

St. Louis locked up star pitcher Yogi Anderson to a 5-year, $38.4 million extension. Anderson is a past Rookie of the Year winner and a 3-time All-Star and receives a big contract after a career high 19 wins last season. Agent Tomas Romero said the negotiations weren't that difficult because, "This was something both sides wanted. They understand Yogi's an important part of the team and they've treated him well. He's happy here in St. Louis."

Word out of Trenton is that the Traffic is negotiating a similar deal with star 2B Watty Miller, likely to be announced tomorrow. The sides are negotiating the terms of the deal, but word is that an extension will be signed to make sure Miller stays in Trenton.