Friday, August 13, 2010

Buffalo, Mexico City make Early Splashes in Free-Agency

While free-agency isn't over yet and there are still some good players to be had, two teams have announced themselves as players in the free agent market- Buffalo and Mexico City.

The Buffalo franchise has been looking up at the top of the AL North for 10 seasons and feel like this could be the season they make a move. As our sister office in Fargo has previously reported, they've added starting pitcher Jerome Oliver and Derrin Hernandez. But they weren't done there, adding veteran bat Cap Herrera (formerly of Trenton), reliever Tom Hernandez (from New Orleans), and have re-signed 3-time All Star Julio Diaz. Herrera spoke to TBDN about the signing, saying, " I enjoyed my time in Trenton for the most part. A lot of pressure was put on me because of the contract I signed, and the fans got on me when I struggled. I understand why. I'm looking forward to chasing a title with A.J., Julio, and everyone else up in Buffalo."

Mexico City, a contender in the AL South for seasons, added several new infield parts. They signed maybe the biggest name available in 6-time All-Star 3B James Dixon, now an ex-Chile. Former Golden Otter Jerry Strickland will man 2B, while Trenton's career leader in hits, 1B Stephen Mills, will leave the only team he's ever played for to go to Mexico City. "I understand it's a business, but I was a little disappointed to leave Trenton", said Mills. "But maybe I got out at a good time- Mexico City is an awfully good team and I know Jack (Millard) is almost ready. At any rate, I hope to win a World Series. I always thought it would be in New Jersey, but it wasn't to be."

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