Sunday, August 8, 2010

Changes for Season 11

As The Bigs enters its second decade, we look at the teams who have moved and/or changed ownership groups.

- In the NL, the Helena Straw Hat Pirates will leave the high seas and will move inland to Las Vegas to play as the Las Vegas Snake Eyes under owner/GM cyrisnyte. Reliever Paul Scwartz was confused. "Are we snake eyes as in dangerous, like a snake? Or is that bad because you usually lose when you roll snake eyes? I don't get it..." Starter Will Piper told Schwartz, "Hey, as long as the checks clear the bank, don't worry about it, Paul".

- The AL will see a few changes. In the North, Syracuse was building IHOP (International House of Players), so the new ownership group led by dmpark decided to take the natural next step and leave the country- they'll play in Ottawa as the O-Jays. There's no truth to the rumor that P Tony Rowan wanted to renegotiate his deal due to the exchange rate.

- In the AL South, the Jackson Vipers also decided to leave the US, but they'll play in Mexico. They've gone to Mexico City and will play as the Chupacabras under owner/GM jefepwnzer. In the offseason, star LF Dennis Tamura was asked what he was going to bring to this team this season; he replied, "Bottled water".

And finally, the AL West sees the loss of an original owner in firesign34. His team will stay in Cheyenne and play as the Frozen Ropes for hoopcoach07. Closer Coco Hines said, "We're sorry to see the team was sold. Firesign34 always gave us a chance to win- we really appreciated what he did. But we're looking forward to trying to win a title for the new ownership group- here's hoping he's here for 10 seasons as well".

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