Sunday, August 8, 2010

Two Veteran Pitchers Announce Retirement

Two of the better pitchers from the early days of the league both announced their retirement today at the age of 39.

Carlos Matos pitched for 12 ML seasons, 8 of them in The Bigs. He won 90 games in his career in this league, 87 of which came for the New Orleans Voodoo. He holds the Voodoo team career records for wins and strikeouts. His best season was an 18-6 campaign with a 3.55 ERA for the Voodoo. After winning just 3 games for Charlotte in Season 8 and not finding a team for Season 9, he made an ill-fated attempt at a comeback last season, getting hammered in A ball for Anaheim. After that experience, he decided it was best to hang it up. "Last season wasn't any fun", he said at his press conference held in New Orleans. " I could keep going at it, but I don't have much left. I'd rather be remembered for the way I pitched here for the Voodoo".

The same season that Matos went 18-6, Dude Huskey won a Fireman of the Year Award for division rival Memphis (now Austin). He saved a then-record 52 games (a record which stood for 7 seasons until Coco Hines broke the record in Season 9) and made the All-Star team. In all, Huskey finished with 137 saves in The Bigs, pitching all 10 seasons in the majors in The Bigs (16 ML seasons in all) for 5 teams. Although he didn't log a save that season, he was an integral part of Salt Lake City's bullpen in their championship season in Season 8.

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