Friday, August 6, 2010

Season 10 in Tweets

You know the drill. 1 season, 32 teams, 140 characters or less.


Atlanta: 100 wins ain't what it used to be.

Austin: I guess all that dynasty talk can stop for now.

Fargo: Older players with big contracts + 70 wins = rebuilding time?

Helena: The offense was downright offensive. Pitching wasn't any better.

Huntington: More impressive: 2nd title (in 2 different cities, no less), or 10 straight 90-win seasons?

Kansas City: And now Scout fans get it. 90 wins and first playoff appearance since Season 1.

Louisville: We thought it was because we were good. Now we know AL East titles are our birthright.

Minnesota: Hoping James Palmer is a bright star. The rest of the picture looks dark for now.

New Orleans: Middle of the pack in hitting and pitching equals: yep, 81-81.

Norfolk: Tough division to compete in for the next few seasons. In the meantime, watch Acosta and Hodges.

Philadelphia: Amazing. When some of our guys finally hit, the pitching falters.

Salem: Uchida hits 50! Now if only someone would get on ahead of him... Fine seasons from Stewart and Garrido on a mediocre team.

Salt Lake City: Amazing offense, questionable pitching, NL West title... sounding familiar?

San Juan: Good news- best record in 4 seasons. Bad news- that's still only 73 wins.

Trenton: A team at the crossroads.

Vancouver: Not a golden season- 21 games worse than last season.

Washington: Knocking off Atlanta in the regular season was great. The playoffs, not so much.


Anaheim: Once those clowns from TBDN got off our bandwagon, we have the best season in history. AL Champs.

Boise: Amazing what even the semblance of a pitching staff can do.

Boston: Even in a down year for Louisville, we fall just short.

Buffalo: The only person happier than the fans watching MVP Leonard is his agent- he's arb. eligible.

Charlotte: No truth to the rumor that the first 5 fans to buy season tickets got a spot in the rotation.

Cheyenne: Not much bang for the buck.

Cincinnati: IHOP (International House of Players) could have used a breakfast special and some more wins.

Jackson: Not as good as Monterrey, but still highly dangerous.

Milwaukee: A little better. Not much, but a little better.

Monterrey: Amazing how one guy can reenergize a whole team- as long as it's a guy like Simpson.

Montgomery: 3rd place in the best division in baseball is no laughing matter- it's 94 wins.

New York: Exactly 2 more runs given up than scored? We couldn't get a 2-run homer somewhere?

St. Louis: AL North winners by default.

Scranton: Big story isn't Mercado's big season- it's Dolan's injury.

Seattle: 78-84. Blip on the radar or end of an era?