Monday, August 22, 2011

Free Agency Wrap-up

There were a few major signings to close the free-agency period.

Former Syracuse SS Doc Bowen signed a 5-year, $63 million contract with New Orleans. Bowen's agent said he wanted to be the highest paid SS in the league but he wasn't even the highest paid shortstop in this free-agent class, as Amp Palmer got $65 million. However, at his New Orleans press conference, Bowen said all the right things, adding "I'm satisfied with this contract and looking forward to big things with the Voodoo". When reminded that he was joining a 50-win team, he said, "Well, there's nowhere to go but up".

Nashville picked up former Salt Lake City Shaker infielder Jordan Newfield for 4 years and about $38 million. The 10-year veteran will provide another potent bat to help try and lead Nashville past the Charleston Chew this season.

The Scranton Janitors picked up the best pitcher on the market, and he'll cost them a pretty penny. Close Alex Javier will make $73 million over the next 5 seasons, including a whopping $24.5 million this season. Does Javier put Scranton over the top in the AL this season? This will be just one of the many questions that won't be answered until the World Series is over.

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