Thursday, August 25, 2011

Season 15 Previews: San Juan Dead Bunnies

Although they finished third and missed the playoffs, San Juan posted its best record in 10 seasons. So where does this team go from here? Do they pass Louisville and/or Huntington or will they stay back of the pack?

San Juan Dead Bunnies

Last season: 86-76 (3rd in NL South, missed playoffs)
Offense: 3rd in NL
Pitching: 11th in NL

Key additions: P Miguel Reyes (FA-Minnesota), P Albert Lopez (FA-Fargo),
Key losses: None

Analysis: Like Louisville, this team will hit. Silver Slugger C Russ Glanville had a monster season, and 2B Jason Walker, CF Bob Meyer, and 3B Vic Oliveras all hit at least 26 homers. SS Charles Hultzen also has a lot of upside. They had five guys in double digits in steals, so they have some speed as well.

As often is the case, pitching is the question mark in San Juan. Vladimir Bibby was solid last season and Andrew Smith showed quite a bit of improvement over his rookie season, but Vin Espinosa pitched to a 5 ERA and I'm not sure Reyes or Lopez is the answer (although San Juna fans will probably be thrilled to not have to watch a combined 38 starts out of Donne Osik and Hipolito Pujols). Jorge Aguilar was surprisingly good in his first season as a closer.

Outlook: If they could somehow add a quality starter or two, I'd pick them to take this division (although I could say that about Louisville as well). As of right now, I like them but I'm not sure they're as good as Huntington.


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