Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Season 14 Awards

With season 14 now complete, it's time to hand out a few awards.

Andrew Clayton, Washington

Exactly why Clayton did not appear on the NL MVP ballot is a mystery, as he not only belonged in the running, but should have won the award outright. After a poor season 13, Clayton re-established himself as one of the league's preeminent sluggers, with 49 home runs and a major-league leading 151 RBIs, .639 slugging percentage, and 1.000 OPS - while recording 20 steals and providing fine defense at second base. While there's no shortage of stars on the World Series-winning Blue Coats, this one clearly shines brighter than the rest.

Runner-Up: Raul Vallarta, Fargo

Fausto Almanza, Fargo

Javier Henriquez has long gotten the biggest accolades on Fargo's top-notch pitching staff, but this season, the Dirtbags' erstwhile #2 starter was their real ace. Almanza was one of just two 20-game winners in the majors, and maintained a 1.09 WHIP and 2.88 ERA - both figures among the league's best - while pitching a staggering 253 innings in 38 starts, including a major league-leading 27 quality starts.

Runner-Up: John Balfour, Washington

deuce112, Charleston

While the winner in this category is usually pretty tough to pick, this season's choice may be the easiest ever. From season 6 to season 11, Charleston's win totals were as follows: 57, 55, 56, 67, 60, 53. Most franchises that find themselves in that kind of funk never break out of it. But in just 4 seasons, deuce112 has guided his team to one of the best records in the AL - and looking at all the young stars they've accumulated, it's a good bet they'll only continue to improve.

Runner-Up: bgkrenz, Minnesota

As we remember the previous few months, it's important not only to remember the good, but to be able to laugh at ourselves for some of the bad. In that spirit, here are the winners of the "prestigious" Iron Glove and Tin Slugger awards for Season 14.

Presented to the worst fielder at each position

P Jimmy Cole, Milwaukee
C Steven O'Malley, San Francisco
1B Vin Logan, Monterrey
2B Gerald Duran, San Francisco
3B Frank Campbell, Boston
SS Enrique Alarcon, New Orleans
LF Clayton Long, New Orleans
CF Sammy Quentin, Seattle
RF Max Lira, Mexico City

Presented to the worst hitter at each position

C Pablo DeSoto, Cincinnati
1B Bret Kingman, Cheyenne
2B Alex Beltran, New York
3B Vern Monroe, Seattle
SS Eduardo Martis, Monterrey
LF Ivan Gil, New York
CF Adrian Jensen, Cheyenne
RF Matthew Holdridge, Charleston
DH Zip Capra, Anaheim

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