Monday, August 15, 2011

Oakland Announces New Regional Network

Oakland owner Rudy Jordan has had a busy offseason. After moving the Boise Bombers to the East Bay, he managed to lure GM gumbercules out of retirement to run the show. Today he announced the formation of the REDS (Rays Entertainment, Development, and Sports) network. "Rather than sign on with a regional sports channel, we wanted to increase our profit margins by creating our own network", said Jordan. "With our own network, we feel we can increase our reach throughout northern California, as we are now the only team in The Bigs in this area". The REDS network will broadcast all East Bay Rays and the majority of the Golden State Warriors basketball games (pre-game and post-game coverage included), as well as original programming. A representative was sent to try to secure the rights to broadcast Raiders games, but looking at Al Davis made him turn into stone. REDS's broadcast team of Randall Brooks and Kelly Downs will debut at the EBRs' first spring training game against Fargo.

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