Friday, March 28, 2008

Minor League World Series Report


#2 Colorado Springs Chickens vs #3 Boise Buckskins

Colorado has no really outstanding players, however they hit, play defense and pitch very well.

Boise is led offensively by
the speedy Carlton McKinley and power hitting Willie Sierra.

Take on the series: If Colorado pitching can hold the Boise offense they will win otherwise they could hit the showers quickly.

My Guess: Boise in 6, that offense proves be too much.


#1 Ottawa Naughty Kitties vs #3 Montreal Maroons

Ottawa offense is led by Sid Coomer and Albert Martin while Yuniesky Ortiz leads the pitching staff.

Montreal offense is led by Lou Bell while
Jeremi Gant leads a terrific pitching staff.

Take on the series: Montreal pitching either wins it or losses it.

My Guess: Montreal in 7, pitching rules and Montreal has more.

High A

#2 Vancouver Fighting Moose vs #1 Norfolk Destroyers

Vancouver offense is led by
Woody Waltman and a host of good speedy hitters.

Norfolk led by cunning coach
Allen Tracy brings deception to the table.

Take on the series: Not sure the deception will work against the Moose.

My Guess: Norfolk in 7, I like the coach and the idea that everyone plays.

Low A

#2 New Orleans Voodoo vs #1 Durham Entombed Spiders

Chan Suh leads the powerful Spiders offense and a bevy of talented pitching starters.

Tommy Morehead leads the maligned Voodoo offense and very talented bull pen.

Take on the series: Voodoo can win if Suh is held hitless.

My Guess: Spiders in 4, this is what the stats show and when have the stats been wrong?

Rookie League

Las Vegas Gamblers vs #3 Philadelphia Blue Jays

Gamblers offense is led by power hitting
R.J. Guardado and a bevy of others with a very capable pitching staff.

Blue Jays offense is led by
Bob Owens and another very capable pitching staff.

Take on the series: Can the Jays pitching halt the Gambler offense.

My Guess: Gamblers in 6, hitting takes the day..a little prejudice maybe.

*Note: Gamblers are the only wild card team to make a WS series so far.

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