Thursday, March 27, 2008

Duffy Parnell throws The Bigs's 2nd no-hitter in less than a week

New York was in the middle of a drive for the wild-card. They had lost 3 out of 4 to the Anaheim Chiles at home, the final game of the set being the Drabek no-hitter. "We were not happy after that game", said slugger King Winn. "After what they did in our house we wanted to go get those guys". So they were a team with motivation, a little bit of confidence after sweeping 3 from Ottawa, and a pitcher who was coming off a 3-hit shutout of Anaheim in Duffy Parnell. Seemed like a perfect storm for something big to happen... and so it did.
Parnell returned to Anaheim the favor Drabek had paid his squad by pitching a 5-0 no-hitter in Anaheim. He walked Butch Swift in the 1st and Alex Vazquez in the 4th, which was preceeded by an Ivan Jones error. Parnell struck out 7 . The aforementioned Winn provided more than enough offense for Parnell, hitting his 57th and 58th homeruns in the game. "I felt great all night", said Parnell after the game. " I didn't really realize what was happening until after the 5th inning. I looked around the dugout and found I was sitting by myself. Then I looked at the scoreboard and saw what was happening." When asked about the significance of the no-hitter, Parnell answered "I really don't know. I think maybe after the season I'll get to reflect on this a little. Right now, the most important part is we won. I want to pitch in the playoffs and we need every win we can get".

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