Monday, March 31, 2008

Minor League Individual Records - AL

I am going to post from time to time on the minor leagues and will be delving inside the numbers a little. With the minor league playoffs approaching the end, I thought it would be good to take a look at some of the great individual statistical seasons across the minors this year. So I took all the players and compiled a list of the leaders in most of the statistical categories. For this reporters money, the best hitting performance came from Keith Buckley (.350 .443 .735) for New York's AAA team. The best pitching performance was by Tomas Ontiveros at Vancouver's HiA team (17-3 2.72 1.07 5-1 K/W) And as my disclaimer, I bypassed the rookie numbers as there is not enough of a sample to make it relevant and fair. So, hope you enjoy our first trip inside the numbers, and any mistakes here are of course mine! If everyone enjoys this, I will do the NL next.

Stat Total Name Team Level
Avg - .390 Osvaldo Campos VC LoA
HR - 58 Timo Carter MNT AAA
RBI - 164 Chief Pearson CSP HiA
Runs - 144 Chief Pearson CSP HiA
Hite - 200 Kory Glauss LOU LoA
OBP - 1.178 Keith Buckley NY1 AAA
SLG - .735 Keith Buckley NY1 AAA
OPS - .480 Nick Hernandez OTT LoA
2B - 61 Ivan Basile PAW LoA
3B - 14 Mariano Coronado LAA AA
SB - 126 Pete Lockwood CSP LoA
LStrk - 50 Piper Brock MIL HiA

Stat Total Name Team Level
Wins 19 Domingo Navarro TEX HiA
Saves 32 Howie Sherman LV AAA
CG 11 PJ Patel TEX HiA
Sho 2 5 players
IP 225.1 Kevin Phillips CLE HiA
K 208 Ivan Castilla CSP AAA
ERA 2.72 Tomas Ontiveros VC HiA
WHIP 1.06 Ralph Wilkins DUR AAA

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