Friday, October 17, 2008


Here comes the League Championship Series with a trip to the World Series as the prize. Who will is not that simple as this is the playoffs.

#1 Seed: Milwaukee Manic Maulers (110-52)
Pitching: 1/4/2 Batting: 8/4/4 Defense:12

#3 Seed: Louisville Legends (95-67)
Pitching: 3/7/6 Batting: 3/1/1 Defense:3

Round 3:
Louisville Legends vs Milwaukee Manic Maulers

The Series: 7 to 3 in favor of the Manic Maulers. As the series indicates the Maulers should be heavy favorites in this match up. Pitching clearly favors the Maulers, but wait, hitting favors the Legends along with defense. If Louisville pitching can keep the ball on the ground they have more than a fighting chance. The first 2 games will feature the best home pitching staff against the best away hitting offense. What more could fans want? When the teams change parks, Louisville suddenly has the better pitching staff (not by much) and the Maulers offense closes the gap.

Prediction: My crystal ball says the Maulers should win in 6.

#1 Seed: Fargo Dirtbags (103-59)
Pitching: 1/1/1 Batting: 11/6/7 Defense: 2

#2 Seed: Houston Riverdogs (99-63)
Pitching: 3/2/2 Batting: 3/13/12 Defense: 1

Round 3:
Houston Riverdogs vs Fargo Dirtbags

Season Series: 8 to 2 in favor of the Dirtbags. Oh my, pitching is even, hitting is even, defense is even. Fargo gets the advantage for having won the season series and home field. Need we say more?

Prediction: My crystal ball indicates the tide will turn in game 4 but it won't own up to which team.

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