Saturday, October 11, 2008

Playoffs Are Set

Okay, I must have counted it backwards, but here is how things shape up. One thing to note is the top 6 pitching teams are in the playoffs for the AL as opposed to 4 in the NL.

#1 Seed: Milwaukee Manic Maulers (110-52)
Pitching: 1/4/2 Batting: 8/4/4 Defense:12

#2 Seed: Monterrey Sultans (98-64)
Pitching: 8/1/3 Batting: 1/14/2 Defense:2

#3 Seed: Louisville Legends (95-67)
Pitching: 3/7/6 Batting: 3/1/1 Defense:3

#4 Seed: Las Vegas Gamblers (90-72)
Pitching: 6/3/4 Batting: 6/9/9 Defense:4

#5 Seed: Charlotte Blue Devils (90-72)-wins tie breaker
Pitching: 4/2/1 Batting: 12/8/11 Defense:8

#6 Seed: St. Louis Silly Nannies (90-72)
Pitching: 2/5/5 Batting: 9/6/8 Defense: 1

Round 1:
Charlotte Blue Devils vs Las Vegas Gamblers
The Series was tied 5-5 between the two with the Gamblers winning 4 of 6 at home and the Blue Devils winning 3 of 4 at home. Pitching favors Charlotte, Hitting and Defense favors the Gamblers as well as home field advantage. If the Gamblers power hitting prevails, they have enough pitching to hold the Blue Devils offense at bay.

Prediction: Gamblers in 4.

St. Louis Silly Nannies vs Louisville Legends
The Series was won by the Legends 6 to 4, but it was an early 4 game sweep at St. Louis and the Nannies won 4 of 6 at Louisville, the last being a 3 game sweep. Pitching and Defense favor the Nannies while hitting favors the Legends as home field appears to be a non-issue. The St Louis pitching must shut down the Louisville offense.

Prediction: Legends in 5 as I like their hitting but could turn into a minor upset.

#1 Seed: Fargo Dirtbags (103-59)
Pitching: 1/1/1 Batting: 11/6/7 Defense: 2

#2 Seed: Houston Riverdogs (99-63)
Pitching: 3/2/2 Batting: 3/13/12 Defense: 1

#3 Seed: Norfolk Destroyers (97-65)
Pitching: 2/13/6 Batting: 9/5/5 Defense: 12

#4 Seed: Salem Sacrifices (83-79)
Pitching: 8/6/8 Batting: 13/9/13 Defense: 7

#5 Seed: Chicago Snake Tamers (91-71)
Pitching: 6/7/7 Batting: 1/3/1 Defense: 10

#6 Seed: Trenton Traffic (88-74)-wins tie beaker over San Juan
Pitching: 5/4/3 Batting: 7/4/3 Defense: 13

Round 1:
Chicago Snake Tamers vs Salem Sacrifices
Season Series: 5-5. As pitching is pretty even between the two, Chicago's power hitting should win out, but that doesn't always mean wins because their defense has a habit of getting in the way. With home field favoring Salem slightly.

Prediction: Salem in 5 wild ones.

Trenton Traffic vs Norfolk Destroyers
Season Series: Trenton owns the series 7-3. The numbers tell me that Norfolk should win at home but that may not be the case. It would seem the team that makes the fewest mistakes could win. Trenton hits better and that could be the key to the series.

Prediction: Trenton in 5.

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