Thursday, October 2, 2008

Walks and Height and the Forum

Many of you don't follow the forums very much but you can learn a lot from responses asked to questions. Many of the same questions are asked over and over which a few people take offense to, but if a newbie asks the question, which happens a lot, it is probably because they are not familiar with the search function. But if one pays close attention much insight can be gathered from experienced owners views and experiences.

The one in particular I was drawn to was height affecting walk rate and OPS. This one came from Zeke1109. Many of you may not know anything about him, but he does live internet radio shows. One in particular is called the WIS radio show which deals mainly with HBD. Has interviews with the WIS staff and you can log on or call and ask questions. The next show is Friday at 10pm est btw. Also you can get the archive of the shows and listen to them. How to do it is listed in the forum and not that difficult as I found out.

Okay, now back to the height thing. As I listened and understood their meaning it became a little more clear as a whole on the game. The feeling of the height issue though, is that a shorter player has a smaller strike zone and from what I understood is a very minute factor dealing with walks. Okay, so I was always told that height, weight and pitch arsenal were purely cosmetic, but what if all those factors play a minute role somewhere? It could be that it so minute that it would appear cosmetic. Like maybe the "Prince Fielder" effect?

Well of course I had to go investigate this minute factor to see if it does hold water using our world. Finding short players was a problem and had to justify by looking at ML and AAA players only because the player had to have a history. Lo and behold there is such a small sample size to actually prove or disprove the hypothesis. For one the number of players they were talking about is so small you wouldn't believe it. From what I understand a players height can be from 5'1" to 6'7". Most players are 6' plus btw. There were none below 5'7" in the ML that I could find and I think I found 1 or 2 below that in AAA but many didn't have enough history to help or didn't have the right ratings. No use to look at short players that have a good eye and splits. I did find four players that did fit into the realm that was being discussed though.

Al Rodriguez, after looking at his ratings I was expecting a strike out to walk ratio of 3 to 1. When I looked at his stats I was surprised to find it at almost 1 to 1 for his career and having more walks than strike outs this season.

Curt Randolph, when I looked at his ratings I was expecting more home runs than walks in all reality and strike outs to be really high. Surprised that wasn't quite so, though he doesn't get to play much.

Murray Butler was another that surprised me.

Junior Machado has a higher walk rate than I expected.

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