Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ten Games To Go

The AL:

North: Milwaukee Manic Maulers wins the division crown and the #1 seed.

East: Charlotte Blue Devils and Louisville Legends are tied, but the schedule looks real tough for Charlotte as they face the Maulers at home for a 4 game series before a 3 game series with Louisville.

South: Monterrey Sultans wins the division crown and probably #2 seed.

West: Las Vegas Gamblers wins the division Crown and maybe the #3.

Wild Card: The loser of the East will probably take one of the spots. St. Louis has the inside track to the remaining spot. While Nashville and New York are on the outside looking in but gaining ground fast.

The NL:

Fargo Dirtbags wins the division crown and tentatively hold the #1 seed.

Norfolk Destroyers wins the division crown and still in the hunt for the #1 seed.

South: Houston Riverdogs wins the division crown and still in the hunt for the #1 seed also.

West: Arizona Diamondbacks and Salem Sacrifices are tied at this time atop the division with the Scottsdale SLAMMERS and Salt Lake City Shakers not giving up. The last 10 games is gonna be a fight here sports fans. The West winner will take the #4 seed and the losers are out.

Wild Card: Chicago Snake Tamers currently hold the #5 seed, but two teams are trying to cut off their rattles as the Trenton Traffic and San Juan Dead Bunnies are tied in the #6 seed and both have a chance to take the #5 seed away. The Toronto Toros are not mathematically out of the race but would need a 10 game miracle to take a spot and it could happen.

The team with the worst schedule is Chicago IMO but, Trenton and San Juan have a 4 game series with one another and home field goes to San Juan.

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