Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Round 2

#1 Seed: Milwaukee Manic Maulers (110-52)
Pitching: 1/4/2 Batting: 8/4/4 Defense:12

#2 Seed: Monterrey Sultans (98-64)
Pitching: 8/1/3 Batting: 1/14/2 Defense:2

#3 Seed: Louisville Legends (95-67)
Pitching: 3/7/6 Batting: 3/1/1 Defense:3

#4 Seed: Las Vegas Gamblers (90-72)
Pitching: 6/3/4 Batting: 6/9/9 Defense:4

#5 Seed: Charlotte Blue Devils (90-72)-wins tie breaker
Pitching: 4/2/1 Batting: 12/8/11 Defense:8

#6 Seed: St. Louis Silly Nannies (90-72)
Pitching: 2/5/5 Batting: 9/6/8 Defense: 1

Round 2:
Charlotte Blue Devils vs Milwaukee Manic Maulers
The Series: 6 to 4 in favor of Charlotte. One of the few teams Milwaukee had problems with during the season, will it hold through the playoffs? Pitching favors Charlotte once again (though the advantage is slight) and that did not bode well for the Gamblers. Will Milwaukee's defense be their downfall or will that dreaded offense ride high?

Prediction: I like the Manic Maulers in a sweep. The odds of this are slim.

Louisville Legends vs Monterrey Sultans
The Series: Tied at 5 to 5. Sultans don't pitch their best at home but hit impeccably well, on the road they pitch and don't hit so well. Legends pitch better at home than on the road but solidly hit in both realms.

Prediction: If a split is achieved in the first two games I believe the Legends could win in 4 otherwise the Sultans could move on.

#1 Seed: Fargo Dirtbags (103-59)
Pitching: 1/1/1 Batting: 11/6/7 Defense: 2

#2 Seed: Houston Riverdogs (99-63)
Pitching: 3/2/2 Batting: 3/13/12 Defense: 1

#3 Seed: Norfolk Destroyers (97-65)
Pitching: 2/13/6 Batting: 9/5/5 Defense: 12

#4 Seed: Salem Sacrifices (83-79)
Pitching: 8/6/8 Batting: 13/9/13 Defense: 7

#5 Seed: Chicago Snake Tamers (91-71)
Pitching: 6/7/7 Batting: 1/3/1 Defense: 10

#6 Seed: Trenton Traffic (88-74)-wins tie beaker over San Juan
Pitching: 5/4/3 Batting: 7/4/3 Defense: 13

Round 2:
Chicago Snake Tamers vs Fargo Dirtbags
Season Series: 6 to 4 Chicago. Fargo pitching must stop the Chicago hitting attack, they didn't do it well during the season, but this is the playoffs. Fargo must also find the offense to win. Defense goes a long way as Fargo will not give up the easy runs.

Prediction: Pitching tends to win, if Chicago losses the first two don't expect a miracle rally this time, if the first two are a split it should go to 5 games and I remain neutral. A good chance one game will be 1-0.

Norfolk Destroyers vs Houston Riverdogs
Season Series: Tied 5-5. They like big blowouts and then close games. Houston pitches well anywhere and Norfolk pitches better at home. Norfolk hits on the road better and Houston hits better at home. Defense favors Houston by a large margin.

Prediction: Home field goes to Houston as does the prediction. Houston in 4.

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