Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The World Series Matchup

The World Series teams are set!!! Milwaukee Manic Maulers vs Houston Riverdogs!!! For a while I thought my crystal ball was about to be thrown out the window.

It picked
Milwaukee in 6 games, little did it know eh. The pitching match up actually favored Louisville as Carlton Fleming took the mound in the deciding game against unused, in the playoffs at least, Vic Chavez. As the their name suggests, Milwaukee mauled Fleming early for a lead that couldn't be overcome as Chavez kept the Legends off the bases with a masterful performance.

It also predicted game 4 would be the turning point in the Fargo - Houston match up. How did it know that? At first it didn't seem like a big deal when Houston handily won the game, but it did put Fargo into a huge hole which they heroically escaped in the 9th inning of game 5. Normally, that would have been a precursor of what was to come. Game 6 back home in their friendly confines and things were back in Fargo's favor needing to win 2. However, Houston got on the board early and held the lead as
Jerome Oliver and Tex Howell combined to make sure it would stay that way and send the Fargo faithful home disappointed.

Milwaukee Manic Maulers vs Houston Riverdogs: We both know what they can do. They know what each other can do. The award contention players favors Milwaukee mightily. Did everyone vote? However, Houston also had their stars on the All-Star roster, maybe not in the award categories. Could this be a case for history of this young world? History from the two previous World Series indicates that the lowest seed will win. Either way, I have my tickets, beer money, and cushion ready to go, oh wait, that is for the Rays-Phils series. Then again I am looking forward to visiting Valley Forge, 7 Stars Inn and a pizza place in Paoli more and I might get to the game if I can keep the wife out of the King of Prussia mall.

Prediction: The team that wins 4 games will win it all. I know, that is the easy way out but the crystal ball even predicts this one that way.

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