Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Boise Shadow Wolves Press Conference S7 Opener

Well, it's another year in Boise, and the Shadow Wolves are looking better than ever. Coming off our best ever 75 win season, we feel that Boise may be able to hit five hundred this season. York Watson was let go to free agency to make room for some of the younger pitchers coming up through the system. Harry Guillen has been given the chance to try and replace him. We also have a plethora of young pitching talent on the AAA club this year which will be making the jump to the big league club in the next year or two. With young hitters like Spooneybarger, Hamill, Stone, and Suh continuing to improve, Hal Ball with his 55 stolen bases and 56 RBIs, Bedard and Dillon leading the team in HRs and SBs repectively, we have a strong core of returning players. Not to mention Brogna and Soto making the jump last year to help off the bench.

And speaking of making the jump, power hitting DH Santiago Martin (37 HRs 130 RBIs in AAA last season) and solid 2B Victor Flores (19 HRs 106 RBIs with 59 SBs) will be making a one-way trip to The Bigs early in the season. We feel this will raise our bats to a level to compete with some of the top teams in the league. Not to mention that the player the Shadow Wolves fans are affectionately calling The Monster, Barry McEnroe will be trying out his bat at AAA this year. Barry suffered a minor setback last year with an injury, only making it into 96 games, but he still picked up 27 HRs and 90 RBIs in those 351 ABs, and he's now healthy and better than ever. Depending on how the season is going, he could even make a jump to the ML club near the end of the season if the Shadow Wolves have a chance at a playoff spot. Otherwise, fans will have to wait one more year before they get to see his career take off. This kid's a future superstar and has all the makings of a franchise player.

We feel we have a good team this year, but we are aware that our pitching could still use some improvement. Delgado and Wilkins had great years for us in the bullpen, and Rubel did a great job as a starter. Medrano and Cornejo were adequate, as was rookie Armando Lopez. The rest of the staff could use some improvement if they want to hang on to their jobs next season.

We're not going to predict a playoff berth this season, but we also know that anything can happen once that first ball is thrown out. Either way, it's gonna be an exciting year for the Shadow Wolves and their fans, and the future looks even brighter. Thank you for your time from Wolf Industries and the Shadow Wolves Management Team.

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