Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Official Scoring?

Since this a little long I decided to post it here and see what everyone else thinks about it. I never noticed this much in previous seasons or maybe not paid attention but have seen it several times this year already and not just in this world and I am not far into many of those worlds either. Probably making a mountain out of a mole hill....but...lol

This occurred in the Helena vs Seattle game. H.Lee fields the groundball but makes a bad throw to 1B. K.Batista reaches on the throwing error. I consider Hector Lee to be an elite defensive SS so I was a bit taken aback when this error happened so I delved a little deeper. Kris Olson was playing 1B (7 range, 19 glove), less than stellar at the position, well appalling is more the word I would use, no offense Rock as I know why. Batista doesn't have blazing speed so I doubt the throw was hurried. However, the runners did not advance on the error so that tells me that the throw probably pulled the foot of the 1B off the bag and with Olsen's range I can believe that. Chances are, in my mind, that a recommended defensive 1B would have probably made the play. My question is: Do they always charge the error to the thrower in all cases like this, when it seems pretty clear that the error is actually caused by an ineffective receiver? And if so, why isn't a minus play issued to 1B since it is probably a play that a recommended 1B would have made?

I know this probably seems a bit trivial, but should a good player be hung out to dry because of another player's inability who gets charged nothing? In the real world, the official scorer determines whether it is an error and on whom. Not always does the thrower get charged, sometimes the 1B gets charged because he pulled his foot too soon, could this have been the case? And sometimes a pitcher gets the ball and fails to tag the bag or fails to cover 1B in time and that is even charged as a throwing error here.

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