Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mays, Jennings head to Trenton

The Trenton Traffic swung a 6-player deal with the Vancouver Golden Otters.

Trenton gets: SP Damion Mays, RP Chris Jennings
Vancouver gets: CF Roscoe Rigby (AAA), 3B Edwin Corey (AAA), P Pedro Hernanez, OF Hal Brinkley

Analysis: Trenton felt that its weakness was in its pitching staff, so the Traffic went out and got a starter and a reliever. Mays makes his return to Trenton (he was 28-27 in about 2 full seasons before being dealt in the trade that brought Cap Herrera to NJ) to solidify the middle of the rotation. Jennings has a good track record as a closer before faltering this season; he'll set up Bernie Corino for now.

Vancouver gets a pretty decent haul here. Rigby is a good defensive CF with a world of speed. Corey has very good speed for a 3B and should hit well-both he and Rigby should be full-time starters soon. Hernandez projects as a middle-to-bottom of the rotation type. Brinkley was included in the deal to make the salaries work, but he's got talent; Vancouver looks like they're going to give him a shot at the RF position.

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