Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chicago Gets Bullpen Help

The Chicago Snake Tamers, who are having a disappointing start to the season, swung a deal with New York to add to their bullpen.

Chicago gets: RP Eduardo Moya
New York gets: CF Gerald Duran (Hi-A), LF Ivan Gil (Hi-A), RP Benito Chavez

Skinny: In the short term, this move helps Chicago- they get an established closer, which adds to the depth of the bullpen. Kenneth Graves will move to the setup role, and everyone who was behind him slides back a spot. The downside is it further straps them financially for this season and next- they already have by far the biggest payroll in the league and with the addition of Moya, they now have over $77 million committed next season to 11 guys.

As for New York, all 3 guys they get in return have question marks. Duran should be a very good defensive CF with world-class speed, but it remains to be seen whether he'll hit enough to be a force in the majors. He does have a good eye, which may work tremendously in his favor. Gil has good speed and very good power, but he may be an all-or-nothing guy (struck out 143 times in 144 games in Low-A last season). Chavez is a 31-year-old reliever who's been riding the shuttle between the bigs and AAA the last few seasons- he's got a decent arm.

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