Monday, August 24, 2009

Rude Awakening in the Bigs for Rookie Call-ups

Well, for Victor Flores and Santiago Martin, it wasn't the game they were dreaming of their whole lives when they made their first appearance at the major league level for the Boise Shadow Wolves. Flores' nerves got the best of him as he went zero for four, striking out twice. Martin struck out once himself, and collected a hit, but was walked twice as the Vipers pitchers were fearful of his hot bat. He had 18 homers in 20 games in AAA before being called up. Guess he has to wait at least another day before putting one over the fence in the bigs. Insult to injury though is that the Jackson Vipers crushed the Shadow Wolves 12-1 in the game. Going from a fully loaded AAA club to a major league team that is struggling is gonna take some time to get used to. Santiago and Flores get six games with the club on the road to get settled into the new environment before having to face the Shadow Wolves Fans at Memorial Stadium against New York. Maybe the debut at home will go better for the rookies.

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