Monday, May 5, 2008

IFA signings

International Free Agent (IFAs) signings have picked up in recent days.

Bernie Espinosa, C Salem Sacrifices Deceptive at the plate, ok so he can see the ball coming but closes his eyes and swings for the fences, but behind the plate he will make mediocre pitchers look like stars and keep those base stealing threats at bay. A real good cheap find.

Luis Sanchez, C Salem Sacrifices Good hitting ability at the plate, behind the plate very average. The DH role is his calling with the ability of catching an occasional game. Though at 2M, expensive.

Mateo Guerrero, P Houston Riverdogs The first high priced IFA, maybe high priced is an over statement! At a whopping 16.8M, Houston hopes to have a future #1 starter, pin point accuracy, good splits, 3 setup pitches, an out pitch and a throw away pitch. Sounds too good to be true, has the ability to be the ideal pitcher, at that price he better be. Cy Young is his future? Will have to wait and see but somehow I don't see it, but will be a great one.

Moises Tavarez, P Vancouver Fighting Moose A good 3 pitch guy that you learn to hate in the end. Above average control and splits that will mow righties down with 2 very good pitches and a decent fishing out pitch. His biggest problem is Durability, a bad limiting factor. I foresee closer duty for him at the ML level once he gets there which could be a while. A good deal at 1.5M.

Jolbert Blanco, P Toronto Toros A closer/setup man that has control of two good off speed pitches. A good pick up for 830K even though he may not be destined for the ML.

Jose Nunez, SS Philadelphia Blue Jays A great defensive SS, not a great hitter but hits with power and could find the DL before his career is over. Over priced at 2.6M, but if the need is great not a bad choice.

Carlos Suarez, 1B Durham Entombed Spiders As far as 1B go, well above average. Can play all 162 games, a big plus, and hit for average, mostly singles and a few doubles. A steal at 852K.

Alex Suh, SS Colorado Springs Chickens Another great defensive SS with some limiting hitting ability, but will play his heart out all season long. Maybe a little over priced at 6.5M.

Ivan Alarcon, P Cincinnati Dragons A 3 pitch guy with good stuff, not the greatest in the split department. A little pricey at 6.8M

Juan Blanco, 1B Las Vegas Gamblers Was listed as a CF, but Gamblers saw him as a good minor league defensive 1B. At 830K, not a bad pickup for a team drafting late.

Santiago Bonilla, SS New Orleans Voodoo A good all-around player, only drawback is 110 or so game playing time. Cheap pickup at 5.7M

Junior Hara, SS Trenton Traffic A decent player, though outside chance as a starting SS at the ML level, more suited at any other position. Good pickup at 5.4M

Chan Jung, P Las Vegas Gamblers Solid minor league pitcher. Worth 390K, equates to a 5th round choice or so.

Juan Lopez, P Las Vegas Gamblers Another solid minor league pitcher. Maybe overpriced at 630K.

Harry Morales, P Toledo Mud Hens A very short reliever with exceptional stuff. Over priced at 2.5M in my books.

Willie Romero, P Nashville Sounds Another solid minor league pitcher. Good price at 730K.

Valerio Seanez, P Arizona Diamondbacks Middle relief to spot starter, 1 great pitch, two good pitches and a throw away with great control. Doesn't pitch to lefties well. A steal at 570K.

Orber Soto, LF Colorado Springs Chickens Better at 1B and a so-so hitter. Well over priced at 1.5M.

William Miyakazi, P Ottawa Naughty Kitties A little weak in the control department but with two good pitches out of four makes for a fine starter. At 1.5M not cheap and not overpriced either.

Tomas Johnson, P Vancouver Fighting Moose A good closer, little weak to lefties keeps him from being great. At 6.8M I expected a little more, so that makes him a little overpriced.

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