Friday, May 7, 2010

The Cheyenne War Cry Gazette

This is Jamie Bell reporting live from the winter meetings in Hawaii. Just love the beaches and warm weather this time of year, don't you? As you know I have been learning the intricacies of the game from hubby, thinking about getting my own team. So the first question on my mind was why the change of cities? He said more or less that it had to do with the makeup of the team. Then he went into a long dissertation on hitters, pitching and ball park factors that left my head spinning trying to understand it all. What I gathered from it all, it was more or less a calculated guess and he wanted to try a new place he has never played. Why he just didn't say the last part and leave the rest alone I will never know. Think I will watch from behind his back a while longer. If nothing else we have a new "Scratching Post" to call home. The team name was my idea, we really thought about Shadow Cats but figured Mike might go ballistic in Boise.

We were at Walmart the other day picking up a bike for our grandsons B-Day when he said "That was a dumb trade offer." Then I had to listen to him talk to himself for 15 minutes whether or not to do the trade the next morning. For crying out loud this is only a game for fun isn't it?

He showed me how Free Agency worked and the coach hiring business. Damn this might be too complicated for me to understand. He was very happy this am though when his two Free Agents signed. He said he was almost done except for coaches which will start accepting positions late tonight. That is until I heard some words that I won't repeat, I had to come running to find out what was up. Thought maybe one of the cats might have upset his coffee cup again.

He said the roster was pretty much set and the only thing he was gonna do is find some players as minor league fillers, that part I do know. So I will do a West and team preview from his perspective as he showed me the rest of the teams in the division and what he thought about them.

Anaheim is going to very dangerous though their defense may keep them out of the playoffs. He is expecting them to finish no worse than second place.

Boise is good but lacks a couple pieces, though Free Agency is not over yet.

Seattle looks good as always but may have lost too much but again Free Agency is not over.

As for Cheyenne, he is hoping pitching, defense and timely hitting to win as usual.

In the West, he thinks all four teams could win it and is very noncommittal. He really likes Anaheim though. Overall he is expecting Louisville to win it all again in the AL and the East. St Louis in the North once more. Monterrey or Jackson in the South. Biggest Wild Card contender is Boston. That doesn't leave much working space as he thinks as many as 12 teams could be in it till the end. It is very early and many teams don't have their final rosters in place so it is only a guess.

Cheyenne's roster is set more or less he said as Spring Training will weed out a couple things. So here are the season 10 War Cats.

C - Preston Weathers and Patsy Hegan and a big maybe from Chuck Reed.

1B - Wally Harvey

2B - Zeke McDonald and/or Johnny Guerrero and/or Boomer Robinson

3B - Boomer Robinson and/or Johnny Guerrero and/or Edwin Corey

SS - Kevin Kim

RF - Richard Gabriel and/or Edwin Corey

CF - Will Weston

LF - William Bolling

DH - Willie Sierra

His exact words about the offense "Wish I had another big bat." Think that is why he didn't want to make the trade.

Pitching is not set in stone for the starting rotation

Starting Pitchers:
Louie Martin probably the #1 starter as usual.


Adrian Hendrickson
Glen Bush
Felipe Cela

Charlie White - Free Agent acquisition he hopes will be great in Cheyenne.
Rich Gibson - another Free Agent acquisition that hopes will work out.
Wilfredo Redondo
Bob Delaney
Octavio Calles
Randy Stull

Anthony Hall
Geronimo Bennett

Closer - Coco Hines

He thinks the pitching staff is the cornerstone of the team and I have to agree.

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