Monday, May 3, 2010

Changes for Season 10

Season 10 in the Bigs is upon us and we'll have a few changes in teams.

In the National League, there are 2 new ownership groups. In the North, the former Pittsburgh franchise will move north to Minneapolis to play in the Metrodome as the Minnesota North Stars. New GM bgkrenz denied reports that his first move will be to try and sign free-agents Mike Modano and Neil Broten. Helena sees the return of baseball, as GM coldsteel92 has opted to take the former Arizona/Cheyenne/L.A. squad to Montana; they are known as the Helena Straw Hat Pirates. When asked how he felt about the unusual team name, DeWayne Castillo answered, "Well, this is a league that has seen the Sneaky Finger Puppet Mafia, the Obese Supermodels, and the Princesses. We could have done worse".

In the American League, there are no new owners/GMs. The only change to report is that firesign's club has once again turned its back on Las Vegas and will head for Cheyenne and play as the War Cats. When asked about his new team name, closer Coco Hines asked our reporter, "Wait, what? What feline team name are we now? Man, I can't keep track..."

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