Sunday, May 23, 2010

The War Cry Gazzette

It is an off day for us and we are trying to gather our focus. Anaheim came to town and swept us as they could be headed for the division title this season provided things hold together for them. I wouldn't say we were exactly swash buckled in the series but more or less thwarted every step of the way somehow. Game 1 saw them get timely hitting and we didn't. Game 2 the saw the pen taking the day off as they hit and hit and hit some more. Game 3 however was in our hip pocket so to speak until Adrian Hendrickson took the mound in the 6th inning and couldn't find the strike zone walking 4 straight, I really think the ump had it in for us.

Our old nemesis St Louis is in town for a three game set. By odd choice an off day is thrown in during the series as we eked out a win in the first game after giving up 4 runs in the first inning but shut down their offense after that and used the long ball to get back in it.

Gumby is right about the team this year. I have no clue how this team will finish but I do like Cheyenne much better than Las Vegas or Helena. The team itself has not changed much from last year in all reality, so I am really optimistic. Juan Chavez was gotten cheap in the FA market and has provided us with a good lead-off hitter. Paul Ingram was actually a miss-click on my part as he was someone I really didn't want as there was a better choice available. Chuck Reed was traded for because I favor good defensive catchers over power hitting ones with inadequate defensive stats. Chuck was actually an upgrade hitting wise also, not much but hopefully significant. Johnny Guerrero and Edwin Corey are both rookies more or less and neither are not hitting like I expected so far.

It may be early in the season, but already examining the prospects in AAA. Zeke McDonald is showing signs that Paul Ingram may have been a huge mistake on my part. Dave Cosby says that Edwin Corey might have been the wrong choice also. The trade for Wade Hayes may have been a great pickup, though the jury is still out waiting to see if he makes some strides early this season. John Cho, Andrew Hermanson, Victor Valenzuela and Carlos Nunez are also pitching well. All four may not be all that great but will have to do in a pinch at the ML level. We have our eyes on a couple other potential MLers further down the line in the minors also.

Our attention will soon turn toward the draft this year as will everyones. We have three picks in the top 100. We spent more on scouting this year to more or less take some of the strenuous guess work out, hopefully. We have future holes to fill so the first pick has to be somewhat of a star for a change in some shape, way or form.

A question from the Bipster, "If things go south this season, will the vets be up for auction before or after the deadline?" The answer to that question is a wait and see, several of the contracts are in the final season for a couple players that could find their way onto a contender for the right price. Some have short contracts that could also be very attractive to a contender. His following question threw us for a loop though, "Is it time to dismantle and start over?" That was probably the most thought provoking question of the day that I couldn't really answer.

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