Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Season 10 Rule V

The final part of the Season 10 off season was accomplished with the Rule V draft. Interesting as it was as teams positioned themselves with maybe a starter or some much needed backup role players. The War Cats was drafting 22nd and knew the worst they could pick was 15th and could have drafted all the up to the 11th pick, but there was nobody really available that could help the team in all reality.

First player was taken in the draft was Zach Leary by the Minnesota North Stars. Weak range in RF but could be a nice hitter.

Zachs' cousin, Jeremi Leary, was the second pick by the San Juan Dead Bunnies. Although a pitcher with good control and somewhat decent splits for a lefty, the pitches just might not be good enough for a GB power pitcher.

Nigel Acosta was drafted third by the Norfolk Destroyers. A good defensive player that could play just about anywhere. Not the greatest hitter but does have a good eye and some pop.

Ossie Miller was drafted fourth by the New Orleans Voodoo. I think he was the best short reliever available but not sure he is ready for the Bigs.

Next was Junior Guillen drafted by the Scranton Janitors. Has some great control, splits aren't much to look at and the pitches are out of whack which makes him an iffy pick. He could get better but Rule V players rarely get much better during their first season at the ML level.

Larry Tyner was drafted by the Helena Straw Hat Pirates. Listed as a primary 2B, but doesn't have the qualifications or even close. RF is a maybe at the most and his hitting probably won't light up the scoreboard much.

The Boston Bambinos selected Eric Edwards next. His pitches are good but mediocre elsewhere. Another that could mature and maybe too soon for the Bigs.

Lonny Rivera was selected eighth by the Montgomery Alibamu. Doesn't have the great splits but a good spring might help his cause. He has a good minor league resume and could be the sleeper of the draft.

Russ Ramsey was drafted by the Washington D.C. Blue Coats. Another good reliever in the making? Not sure he was ready for prime-time or not myself but has put together a good resume and has the stuff.

The Seattle Killer Whales selected Doug Dunham. Seattle liked what they saw, a wild throwing reliever with good stuff, could very well keep hitters off balance.

Edwin Brinkley was drafted by the Vancouver Golden Otters. Listed as a 2B but very very weak at that position but has the possibility of playing in RF. Hitting is not exactly a strong suit but could be helpful off the bench.

The last first round pick is Josias Espada drafted by the Monterrey Sultans. If I had drafted, this is the player I would have chosen. Should make a solid 1 inning reliever late in the pen. Has the control, pretty decent splits and two good pitches, everything you look for plus the fact he could get better.

Making the Rule V joke of day on the airwaves in Helena was Scooter Watson. Although he could be a good defensive player at 2B or CF, the talk shows in a farming community was having a hay-day with a name like that.

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