Thursday, May 13, 2010


Big discussion last year as Coco Hines pushed the single season saves record to 59. I agree that a relief pitcher shouldn't obtain a Cy Young award, that should be for starters. Closers have the Fireman of the Year award. Maybe other relievers should receive an award also but what would we call it? The Middleman Award? Hmm, must be a politically correct way of putting that... The Bull Pen Executive Assistant Flame Retard of the Year maybe? Too long and sounds a bit disgusting! Hold Specialist of the Year maybe? That doesn't seem to have much meaning and WIS would have to add that stat in. How about Out of a Jam Man of the Year. Don't like that one either.. How about simplistic, Reliever of the Year! Ahh we can go with that I think.

Anyway, I was looking at the pretty impressive list of career saves leaders and wondered how high those records might go. Pablo Rijo and Carlos Carrasco both could top 400 before being forced into retirement but not many more than that. Rijo is already 37 and Carrasco is 35. Third on the list is Dave Stewart and at 38 doesn't have much left, but enough to make 350. Are all three Hall of Fame Material? I would think so.

Who has a chance to break their all-time records? I wondered how the easiest way to find them. It didn't take long, I just looked at the Fireman of the Year candidates the last two seasons. In my estimate, Coco doesn't stand a chance btw but could easily surpass the current record holders to be. My findings suggest that Alex Javier could easily top 500 and maybe even 600 before his career is over. At the tender age of 27, he has many seasons yet to play and has accumulated 204 saves already. Then Quilvio Sanchez popped into view. MY Oh My!! At 26 and has 235 saves to his credit already. Averaging 47 saves a season it is likely that he could top 600 and possibly 700 before his career is over. These are two Hall of Fame careers to watch for sure!

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