Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Cheyenne War Cry

Everyone is probably wondering why the sudden move? The adoring Las Vegas fans are crying and even the Bipster got caught unaware of the move (for those of you that don't know Bip Yeager is the owner). There is a couple good reasons for the move. Actually there are no good reasons for this move whatsoever other than the fact I wanted to try someplace new. I came up with two choices, Cheyenne and Arizona. I figured Arizona might be too much for my team to handle so I picked Cheyenne. The Cheyenne fans are happy to have another team in their fair city to enjoy the favorite pastime, drinking beer and eating hot dogs. Oh yeah, baseball and apple pie!

What to expect from the War Cats (Sand Cats seemed so inappropriate) this season? Hopefully the same as last year in Las Vegas only with a different flair I hope.

The War Cats have executed their first trade of the season and probably the only one. Sending veteran Bob Koplove to New Orleans along with Alving Infante and Oscar Phillips. Bob was actually a salary dump more than anything else, we really didn't have a full time position for him to play and even with giving up $3M in the deal came out ahead with the cap. New Orleans gets a good powerful LF/1B in the deal and should make a great fit. We actually had some second thoughts about giving him up after the initial feeler (yes,I executed it before the final TC on the deal), but after looking the team over one last time decided it was the best course of action and the small window of opportunity. Alving, lets just say so long to him though New Orleans is probably overjoyed with the acquisition. Oscar should make a good defensive backup.

We got Chuck Reed, Stu McLaughlin and Dustan Cohen in the deal. All three came very cheap in arbitration. The prize for us was Reed, a very solid defensive PC catcher. We are not sure if he can unseat Preston Weathers as the starter or not though. He is much better defensively and hitting is definitely not an issue for sure. Depending, Weathers could be shopped around early for teams needing a PC starter/backup. Stu has a chance to make the pen though we are not holding out much hope for that in all reality. Dustan was sent to AAA and invited to ST as we have no spot for him on the ML roster.

Yes, we had to explain it all to the Bipster of course. He was overjoyed that we saved him $1.5M for this season from the deal and of course the $5.9M next year. So now he is bugging us about FA dealings, we told him to be patient.

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