Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Season 9 in Tweets

Long-time readers know this column well. 1 season. 32 teams. 140 characters or less.


Atlanta: Smooth sailing for 162 games. Then ran in a tidal wave named Austin.

Austin: The season is often compared to a horse race. This year we were Secretariat at the '73 Belmont. Champs!

Fargo: Reclaimed the top of the NL North. Great. Now let's resign Javy.

Huntington: 91 last season didn't get us in? OK, let's win 3 more. All we do is win 90.

Kansas City: First time above .500 in 6 seasons. Is this the start of the turnaround?

Los Angeles: Maybe Cheyenne wasn't the problem.

New Orleans: In the same division with always-good Huntington and the champs. Yikes.

Norfolk: 3rd straight season in the cellar. Lost 100 for the first time. Not a good season in South VA.

Philadelphia: Finished 18 back in 3rd place. Won the division last season with the same record. How things change...

Pittsburgh: Not even the River Rescue team could have saved this disaster.

Salem: First ever last-place finish. Rebuilding continues.

Salt Lake City: Offense still borderline illegal, pitching was subpar. Can Ruben get on an MVP ballot someday?

San Juan: First 13 season-ticket buyers for next season get to pitch.

Trenton: One... more... stinking... win... 92 not enough?!?

Vancouver: Set the franchise record for wins and made the playoffs. Surprise team of the year.

Washington: Carter and Willis sophomore jinxed us out of contention.


Anaheim: Last three season win totals: 79, 80, 79. Nothing if not consistent.

Boston: Usually not a good sign when a reliever leads in wins. Slugged our way to .500.

Boise: Last place team that with a little pitching would be scary.

Buffalo: Got some big-time pieces. Puzzle not near complete, though.

Charlotte: Call us the weekend duffer: finally shot under 100 (losses, that is)

Cincinnati: The ingredients are in, and it's starting to rise. Not sure what it looks like when it leaves the oven.

Jackson: Rode Almanza's Cy Young season and the offense back to the playoffs.

Las Vegas: Return to the desert brought back something better than memories: another division title.

Louisville: Finally broke through to win the AL. Primed for another run.

Milwaukee: They say the darkest hour is just before dawn. Sun seems a ways off...

Monterrey: Good to be back atop the AL South. Maybe the window isn't closed yet...

Montgomery: How do you have 20 pitchers and none win 10? How does no one win 10 and you finish above .500?

New York: Fewest runs in the AL again. Is Yankee Stadium now a pitcher's park?

St. Louis: In cruise control all season until Game 3 of the ALCS. Then the wheels fell off.

Scranton: Turner Dolan finally has some help on offense. Now if only he could pitch...

Seattle: No 1st round bye meant bye-bye early in the playoffs.

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