Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Cat Mewlings IV

Been waiting a few days to post this one and last for the season maybe.

Coco Hines Has set two records this season. For one he has captured the organizations single season Save record eclipsing Dave Stewart's record of 47 in season 4. To go along with that he has now captured the leagues single season Saves record blowing away the old record of 52 saves posted by Dude Huskey in season 2. With 25 games left in the season, he may set the record so high that it could be tough to beat. There is even talk that he could capture the AL Cy Young award this season as well as the Firemans award, although that feat is highly uncommon but not unheard of. He is going against some pretty tough competition and very nitpicky owners also. The organization applaud his record feats!!!

With 25 games to go we are pretty confident in our chances to make the post-season once again. Our feeling at the beginning of the season was that it would take 90 wins to make the playoffs. Needing 10 wins to accomplish that may seem rather easy to say we are in. We are not counting our chickens before they hatch however, we still have a tough schedule with 17 home games to finish the season and anything could go wrong.

Tony Burnitz is out for the season with a torn hamstring, which at least ended his playing days in Las Vegas and possibly his career.

We called up Zeke McDonald to take the open roster spot. His play at 2B is outstanding but needs work at the plate. He very well could be the starting 2B next season as Paul Ingram has opted for FA at this time. Paul has actually been a bit of a disappointment for us so letting him go will not bother us all that much.

The mid season signing of Felipe Cela from the FA pool was the final piece of the puzzle that made the Cats a better team this year. Solidifying the 5 spot in the rotation, he is 5-1 in 9 starts at home but only 3-3 in 9 starts on the road.

We were hoping that Adrian Hendrickson would be the answer to our rotation problems. Maybe it was too much to hope for from a rookie but has been excellent out of the pen. Next year we will give him another chance as experience always seems to help.

Randy Stull still is a mystery to us. He can come into games in the early middle innings with the game on the line whether a small lead or behind by a run and be very good but is terrible at any other time. It seems as though if he probably can't win the game he shows indifference as to how he pitches.

As for the offense and defense, well that is another story in itself. The defense combined with the great pitching doesn't allow many runs across the plate, we lead the AL in that remarkable stat. The offense though just isn't lighting up the scoreboard either as we have scored fewer runs than most teams. But then again,that has been our MO in seasons past.

Since it is roster expansion time, we had plans to bring up Edwin Corey, Johnny Guerrero and Walter Ewing at a minimum. With the AAA team probably heading to the playoffs we are not sure it is a wise idea. With the AA and Hi A teams also heading to the playoffs, promotions would seem counter productive to make it happen.

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