Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Playoff Races with 22 games to go

We're coming down the stretch in season 9 and although it looks like we know who most of the playoff teams are going to be, it looks like there could still be a few interesting races for the postseason.


In the East, Atlanta (88-52) appears headed for their sixth straight division title as Trenton (78-62) just can't keep pace and Washington (71-69) has taken a step back this season.

In the North, Fargo (81-59) has reestablished its dominance over this division as Philadelphia (70-70) could end up winning more games than last season and yet not repeat as division champions. Kansas City (69-71) has fallen off a bit after a good start, but still should consider their season a success.

In the South, Austin (103-37) just blew everyone away from the start of the season and appears a lock for not only a division title but the #1 overall seed. Huntington (85-55), as good as they have been, just could not keep pace. But who can keep up with a team that is on pace to win 119 games?

Out West, Salt Lake City (83-57) seems to have withstood an early challenge from Vancouver (76-64) to hold a seven game lead in the division. This is still the closest divisional race in the NL, but it's tough to see an upstart Golden Otter team overtaking the Shakers, although if they get hot it's still possible.

Wild Card

The wild card race could come down to the wire. Huntington (85-55), after barely missing out on the playoffs last season, appears to have a good grip on a spot this season, as they are 7 ahead of Trenton (78-62) and 9 ahead of Vancouver (76-64). The race is for the last spot, as Trenton is only 2 ahead of Vancouver with plenty of time to play. Washington (7 back of Trenton), Philadelphia (8 back), and Kansas City (9 back) are on the periphery right now, but are not dead and buried yet.


In the East, Louisville (93-47) have already clinched the division, leading Boston (68-72) by 25 with 22 games to go.

In the North, St. Louis (80-60) holds a healthy 12 game lead over early competitor Cincinnati (68-72) and are up 15 over Buffalo (65-75).

In the South, Monterrey (80-60) is being challenged by Jackson (75-65), which is only 5 games back. Montgomery (69-71) doesn't look like they'll be able to contend like they did the past two seasons.

In the West, Las Vegas (81-59) has been able to sustain their good play to lead, but 2-time AL champion Seattle (75-65) looms at 6 games back- don't count them out yet. Boise (67-73) appears to be out of the race this time around.

Wild Card

It looks like the second place teams in the South and West (right now Jackson and Seattle, respectively) are going to grab the wild card spots, but the order is still undecided. So in the AL it looks like the 6 teams are set with seeding left to be determined. Montgomery (6 back of the last wild card spot), Cincinnati and Boston (both 7 back), and Boise (8 back) would need to get very hot to break into the top 6 at this point.

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