Friday, April 9, 2010

After Big Win, Trenton Star Argues With Reporters

Trenton 1B Stephen Mills was not happy, and he let everyone know it.

Fresh off his team's important 2-1 win over archrival Atlanta, an Atlantic City Press reporter kept asking him about the possibility of a work stoppage after this season. Although accommodating at first, the normally unflappable Mills eventually dismissed the reporter after repeated questioning. He said, "Do you want to talk about the game or not? David (Dunwoody) gave us a great start in a key spot and Watty (Miller) hit a walkoff shot. Is that not enough of a story? We're trying to make the playoffs. I'm not addressing anything else. This interview is over". Mills then left the clubhouse.

Minutes later, GM gumbercules came into the clubhouse to address the reporters. He backed his star player, saying, "Stephen may be our player rep, but I want him and the other guys in this clubhouse focusing on one thing: the playoffs. A work stoppage seems remote at this point, so it's not even worth discussion. If there is more to it, you can address it with me. But the story tonight is not the off-the-field stuff, it's that we beat Atlanta and took another step toward the playoffs.

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