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Season 9 Draft Review

Prologue: I think this is the first time the P.O.D. has been the 1st overall pick. There was some competition for it but in the end, I’d say the Charlotte did indeed get the best player with their pick. I gave the 20th overall pick the Sleeper award. I was really surprised that that guy slipped all the way to the that spot!!

1 Charlotte Lions (AL) - Floyd Floyd 2B/COF (5 Million Bonus)
Well we can make fun of this name BUT we can’t make fun of the potential this draft has! He was #1 on my list. He’ll hit for average and power, as well as steal his share of bases. Here could be a future Triple Crown winner, MVP AND he very well could be a 50/50 man (homers & SBs). He has a decent ‘makeup’ rating so he’s got a good chance of getting to this awesome potential. If there are any drawbacks, they are his glove and durability. Doesn’t quite have a glove of a ML 2b and his durability will limit his playing time some what. Still this is a bat ANY owner would love to have in their lineup
Rating: 10/10

2 Buffalo Blue Cheese (AL) - Richardo DeSoto SS (3.9 Million Bonus)
This is pick is a risky one, no doubt there. While Richardo has the potential to be a solid MLer, most likely at 3B (his glove & range are a little shy for the ML level). BUT the thing is will he make these projections? With a health rating at present below 40, there is a good chance that injuries will hamper him reaching these potential ratings. There is even a chance he might not make it to ML rating levels. His makeup rating will help if he does get injured. So, this is a wait and see prospect
Rating: 7.5/10

3 Vancouver Golden Otters (NL) – Virgel Vega CF (3.8 Million Bonus)
With the third overall pick Vancouver takes a prospect who should become a solid ML CFer. Virgel will not be a superstar but we could see him in a few A/S games. He hit for a really good average and also hit a few long flies. He’s got great speed but his base running skill will prevent him from stealing a lot of bases at the ML level. Also, his RH split and durability ratings are both just OK. With a solid Makeup rating, this will give him a really good shot at meeting these potential ratings. This is a solid pick both from a offensive and defensive point of view.
Rating 8.5/10

4 Cincinnati Simpletons (AL) – Alberto Arias RF (3.7 Million Bonus)
This season the Simpletons’ scouting team got it right. Here is a prospect that will definitely be a major asset at the ML level. Alberto should become a really good ML RFer who’ll have a great arm from the outfield. If he hits these potential rating, he’ll hit for a solid average and steal a few bases. Alberto should make for solid #2 in the batting order. Also, this is another prospect we should see in a few A/S games at the ML level in a few seasons
Rating 9.5/10

5 Salem Sacrifices (NL) – Wilton Jang 1B (3.6 Million Bonus)
This is a prospect I’m curious to see how he’ll do against ML pitching. That is if he make these potential ratings. His potential Batting Eye, Contact and Power rating are great but his RH/LH splits will be average.
All his other ratings are pretty typical of a 1B/DH prospect. Time will tell if Wilton can be an effective ML hitter.
Rating 8.5/100

6 Milwaukee Manic Maulers (AL) – Kent Swindell SS (3.5 Million Bonus)
This is an interesting prospect, because most of his potential in key ratings are just OK. Overall his potential defensive ratings are just marginal for ML SS. Other than his power rating, his offensive ratings are in the same category. The thing is his health and makeup ratings can also be described in the same way. So this could hamper is progress to these potential ratings. His overall potential rating is pretty high, I can only figure that’s due to a very high potential durability. While not a bad pick, I think there are better players overall taken later in the first round.
Rating 8.0/10

7 Norfolk Destroyers (NL) – Keith Singleton 2B (3.4 Million Bonus)
With my first pick in this initial round of the draft I got my #2 rated guy. The chance to get a solid defensive second baseman with a very high power rating (!! Keith has the potential to hit 40+ long balls at the ML level) was way too good to pass by. Also he has a very good makeup rating, this should help me get him to this potential. I’m hoping that in few seasons, Keith will be ready to take the #5 spot in my batting lineup
Rating 9.0/10

8 New York Knickerbockers (AL) – Humberto Valenzuela SP/RP (3.3 Million Bonus)
New York with their pick took the first pitcher of this draft. From what I saw, he is the best SP available in the draft, as far as pitching ratings go. His major drawback is his is durability! With a durability rating well below 20, it means he’ll be limited with the innings he can pitch in an appearance. Also, he will likely miss his spot in the rotation from time to time during the season. Still, when he does take the mound, he should be an effective pitcher. So it’s either a SP can only 5-6 innings and gets skipped every so often OR a LR guy out of the pen. Not quite want you want for a top 10 pick in the draft.
Rating 7.5/10

9 Kansas City Scouts (NL) – Taylor Tolbert SP (3.2 Million Bonus)
Here is another pick of a prospect that overall is OK. Another than fact he should develop great velocity and control, also has a great makeup rating (helping him get to his OK potential). His pitch quality while deep doesn’t have an out pitch, his splits are just ‘good’, his stamina will marginal for a starter. Taylor will be a solid LR or a #5 SP if he makes his potential. As mentioned before not really what you hope to get with a top ten pick
Rating 7.0/10

10 San Juan Dead Bunnies (NL) – Andrew Smith SP (3.1 Million Bonus)
The ‘Stiff Hares’ take what a prospect that should become a solid SP at the ML level. His makeup rating is a little low, so making it to his potential could be a struggle. Still if San Juan can get him close to these projections, they’ll be happy with this pick. His 3 to 5 pitches are quite a drop in quality, so he’ll need a good PC catcher. Still even without that, his split should help overcome that little weakness. This is the potential you’re looking for a SP taken in the top 10 of the draft.
Rating 9.0/10

11Scranton Janitors (AL) – Earl Chambers C/DH (Not signed yet, asking for 3.3 million)
With the eleventh pick Scranton took a flyer at a player with a risky signability. But I’d say this is a good risk take. If it pays off, the Janitors will get the best bat available in this draft! These potential hitting ratings are in a word ‘scary’!! So, his durability is marginal; just play him against RH pitching (not a problem).
Rating: N/A (BUT if signed 10/10)

12 New Orleans Voodoo (NL) – Phil Uribe P (Not signed yet, asking for 8.5 million)
I didn’t see this prospect so got no idea of his potential. Judging for his asking price I’m guess he’s highly unlikely to sign and his projections are decent.
Rating: N/A

13 Pittsburgh Land Sharks (NL) – Wes Jacobo SS (2.8 Million Bonus)
Wes should become a solid ML SS, who will be a decent hitter. That is not bad at all for a pick in this spot. As well, Wes has pretty good pop in his bat. While it’s true Wes may not be Gold Glove or MVP material etc. Still if he can make it to these projections, he be a valuable asset on the Pittsburgh roster.
Rating: 8.5/10

14 Fargo Dirt Bags (NL) – Mark Rogers SP (2.8 Million Bonus)
A very interesting prospect Fargo has taken with their first round pick. The only major weakness in his projections is his RH split; with a slightly low durability rating and his overall pitch quality is deep but no real ‘out’ pitch. I’m curious how guy with these rating will do at the ML level. My guess…. Well since the bulk of hitter are RH, he’ll either be a #5 starter or LR from the pen.
Rating: 7.5/10

15 Philadelphia Phantoms (NL) – Antone Hoover RF/1B (2.7 Million Bonus)
While Antone was drafted as a RFer, his glove is very weak for that. Since the Phantoms are a NL club it’s 1b for prospect. NOW, if he reaches these projections..his is a bat Philly will definitely want in their lineup. This guy should be able to put up really good numbers at the ML level. Yea, his RH split is just OK and his durability is marginal but this is a bat that can contribute. Not bad for the 15th overall pick, not bad at all
Rating 9.0/10

16 Montgomery Alibamu (AL) – Glen Barker 2B/COF (2.6 Million Bonus)
This is another one those guys whose overall rating is bumped by his durability. His projected hitting rating while not bad, they not great either. It’s put him in the bottom half of the order. The real thing with Glen is his arm strength, no a ML 2B doesn’t need to have a great arm but his doesn’t even project over 50?? This is one I’m up in the air about really. His range and glove are solid but the bat isn’t enough to make up for a weak arm….
Rating 6.5/10

17 Anaheim Chiles (AL) – Andres James SP (3.9 Million Bonus)
Again another solid pick for the middle area of this first round. Anaheim gets a solid left handed starting pitching prospect. I don’t think he’ll be the #1 guy of the rotation but 2 or 3 for sure (an effective one at that). Andres will be death on LH hitting and should be able to hold his own against from the other side too. The thing that keeps from the ace designation is while his #1 & #2 pitches are solid neither is speculator.
Rating 8.5/10

18 Jackson Vipers (AL) – Harvey Anderson 2B (2.4 Million Bonus)
Durability bumped overall rating. Again not that this is a bad pick. Though his defensive skills don’t look like they will get up to ML standards for the 2b position. Also, his offensive ratings are just average overall. Harvey should make for a decent COF at the ML level but he’ll be hitting in the bottom part of the order.
Rating 7.5/10

19 Boston Bambinos (AL) – Bobby Ray Giambi SP (3.1 Million Bonus)
Bobby Ray should (if he gets to these projections) become a decent ML SP. He’ll be a bottom of the rotation guy. The main thing that could prevent him from getting to the ML is his health. This rating is marginal and pitchers if they get injured severely, it can spell the end of those dreams. Boston is hoping that they can keep him from serious injuries. Because if they can this will be money well spent
Rating 8.5/10

20 Austin City Limits (NL) – Mark Ferguson C (2.2 Million Bonus)
Without a doubt the surprise of this draft. The surprise being that Mark was still available at this point in the draft. I had him #3 on my list and honestly thought I had a good shot at landing him. I felt Floyd and Singleton both would be gone by the time the 7th spot came up! Mark should become just an okay defensive catcher. That though is more than good enough when you consider his hitting potential. He should hit for a solid average and have good power numbers. He has one thing most catchers don’t, that is a solid RH split! The ONLY drawbacks is a slightly marginal health and makeup ratings. Either could hinder him getting to this potential. Still Austin must be glad to get this kind of prospect in the 20th spot.
Rating 9.95/10

21 Boise Shadow Wolves (AL) – Damasco Cornejo RP (2.1 Million Bonus)
The Dark Hounds take the first closer prospect of the draft. While the potential pitching ratings are there for a decent closer, his stamina is really marginal. I doubt with that rating he’ll be able to pitch the whole 9th inning very often. That could make him more valuable as a set up guy. Again this prospects heath rating is marginal and his makeup rating is just ok; so he may hampered getting to his potential.
Rating 7.5/10

22 Los Angeles Poseidons (NL) – Adam Byrne SP (2.0 Million Bonus)
With their first of the three picks they have in the first round, LA takes a future middle of the rotation prospect. The only thing keeping him from being a #1 or #2 man, are his splits. They are just OK for a ML starter. At present is control is not good and has long way to go, to be ML quality. So Adam is a project, but one that could be worth the time and effort.
Rating 8.0/10

23 Las Vegas Sand Cats (AL) – Dick Milliard SP (1.9 Million Bonus)
This pick is almost a carbon copy of the last one. Another decent middle of the rotation prospect. He’s not quite the project though. So he might make it to the ML level a little before Adam does. Still for the price and place taken in the draft, this another good pick
Rating 8.0/10

24 Los Angeles Poseidons (NL) – Claude Logan SP (3.6 Million Bonus with STI)
Considering the price, I’d guess this pick was a little risky as far as signability went. The burning question is, was he worth it? As this was their 2nd of 3 picks, it’s not a bad gamble to take really. Claude does have the potential to a quality #2 guy in the rotation. Though, his stamina is questionable for a starter. Still despite the fact he’ll only be able to give LA 5-6 innings, they should be quality innings. He also should give his team a chance to win when he takes the mound.
Rating 8.5/10

25 Trenton Traffic (NL) – Kirk Torres C (1.7 Million Bonus)
Trenton takes the 2nd catcher picked in the first round. While Kirk doesn’t quite of the bat potential of the previous one, he none the less should put up decent numbers at plate. This on top of some decent defensive potential at his position makes this a quality pick. Overall there really isn’t a down side to this pick, other than the fact he’ll not be a superstar. BUT at the 25th spot, do you expect that to be available?
Rating 8.5/10

26 Los Angeles Poseidons (NL) – Sammy Quentin RF/1B (1.6 Million Bonus)
Now we have LA’s final pick of the first round. With it they take a prototypical RF prospect. All his potential ratings are solid, if not spectacular. I don’t think we’ll see Sammy in too many A/S games. Still he should become a good contributor at the ML level
Rating 7.5/10

27 Washington D.C. Blue Coats (NL) – Norman Eckenstahler RP (1.5 Million Bonus)
This is another one of those prospects I’m curious to see how they do if they make it to the ML level. Norman has all the ratings to be a real decent closer (or set up guy). But the second pitch... are his splits and the first pitch enough to make up for a real weak pitch? I don’t know really. If I had to guess..I think it will hurt but not too much.
Rating 7.5/10

28 Monterrey Sultans (AL) – Craig Pratt RP (1.4 Million Bonus)
Craig has the splits and stamina to make him decent ‘short man’ out of the bullpen prospect. His durability is way too low for the closer role really and the fact his best pitch is his #2 pitch. He should be effective if he is able to make it to these projections however, just not as a closer.
Rating 7.5/10

29 Salt Lake City Shakers (NL) – Danny Griffiths CF (1.3 Million Bonus)
For this late in the first round, this is a really good pick up by the Shakers. While Danny has what now seems to becoming very common for CF/SS/2B, which is a marginal (if not low) RH split. Also, his makeup rating is marginal, so getting him to these projections may be tough. Considering when they are taking him, I’d say he’s worth the money and risk.
Rating 8.0/10

30 Altanta Bandits (NL) – Elmer Lankford COF (1.3 Million Bonus)
Elmer due to his low durability will be platoon material at best, if he makes it to the ML level. Also, I don’t see him as anything more than a bench guy too. While his batting eye and power ratings are really good, all the other batting ratings are marginal at best. Add the fact that his defensive potential is just okay, my overall conclusion on Elmer is he’s not really 1st round material (late 2nd or 3rd). Though, I have to say he does have some base stealing potential.
Rating 5.5/10

31 Norfolk Destroyers (NL) – Happy Diaz SS (1.2 Million Bonus)
With my second pick in the first round, I got a prospect that should become a solid defensive shortstop. His bat is weak, so he’ll have to depend on his glove to get him to the ML level. Considering his make up rating, that might be hard. Still, this late in the first round a prospect like is worth taking a shot with.
Rating 7.0/01

32 Seattle Killer Whales (AL) – Dale Hogan RP (1.1 Million Bonus)
This draft did have quite a sharp decline in the talent level, but I didn’t think it was this sharp. While Dale has the splits and stamina for ML short guy, his quality is way too weak. I see this guy making it to AAA at best but no further. He would not be effective at the ML level (might be marginal at the AAA level).
Rating 4.0/10

33 St Louis River City Rage (AL) – Marc Phillips CF/2B (1 Million Bonus)
I’d say out of the late first round picks, this is the best of the bunch. Yea his durability is marginal, but hitting potential is pretty darn solid. The only thing missing is speed and you have a future lead off guy at the ML level. Like I said the talent drop in this draft was sudden and swift. So to guy like this in this spot is doing pretty darn good.
Rating 7.5/10

34 Huntington River Dogs (NL) – Quentin Nolasco SS (960K Bonus)
With their supplemental pick, the River Dogs take a defensive SS prospect. This picks hitting ratings are weaker than the guy I got and his health rating is really suspect. Again considering this draft, this isn’t really that bad of a pick; though I don’t see this guy making it to the ML level. While the glove is good, it isn’t good enough to make up for the fact he’ll struggle to make the ‘Medoza Line’
Rating 5.0/10

35 Norfolk Destroyers (NL) – Michel Alomar RP (920K Bonus)
With my supplemental pick, I got a prospect that could become bullpen material. That is if he makes it to these projections. His splits are marginal and his pitch quality takes a major drop after that #1 pitch. Still his velocity and control are both decent enough. Still I, put this one as a 50/50 shot to make it to the ML level and if he does most likely will not last (there will be better available). Journeyman Material
Rating 6.0/10

36 Pittsburgh Land Sharks (NL) – Dummy Duncan RP (880K Bonus)
I normally review the supplemental picks. BUT had to this time!!! Come on Dummy Duncan… who could resist??? Okay this guy is pretty much the same as my pick above (with a better name). His splits are a little better but his #1 pitch is weaker and his durability is lower. Again this is bullpen material at best really, but who knows. Good ole DD might just stick at the ML level for a little while.
Rating 6.0/10

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