Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fantasy Draft- 1st 2 rounds

Going into Season 10 the Trenton office of TBDN decided to have a fantasy draft (yes, I know, a fantasy draft in a fantasy league just seems like overkill but that's just the way the Trenton office seems to operate). Now gambling is not allowed in the office, but if a few friends want to put a few dollars down outside of work, the bigwigs can't really say much, can they? So anyway, here are the players and the teams (for simplicity's sake, the office members were required to include their draft position somewhere in the team name):

1. Hugo First- Hugo First

2. Anita Dolla- Second Place is the First Loser

3. Randall DeWayhome - Third Watch

4. Abby Normale- Four Pete's Sake

5. Ida Noh - Five Alive

6. Al B. Arownd- Six Shooters

7. Wybie Normale - Seven Signs of the Apocalypse

8. Sue Yu - Ocho Stinko

9. Charlie Horse - Nine Lives

10. Seymour Duless - Base 10

The rules for the draft are as follows: 10 team league, each team drafts each of the eight starting positions plus an extra infielder, outfielder, and utility player on offense. Each team drafts 5 starters, 2 relievers, and two extra pitchers for a total of 20 players. Snake draft. Points are awarded in 10 categories (Offense: Batting average, runs, home runs, RBI, stolen bases. Pitching: Wins, Strikeouts, ERA, WHIP, Saves) from 10 to 1 (e.g.: Top team in each category gets 10 points, second place team gets 9... last place team gets 1).

Before the draft, Wybie Normale complained about picking three spots behind his sister and Hugo First was universally derided for (naturally) drawing the first pick.


1. Hugo First: RF A. J. Leonard, Buffalo

Hugo: It's a tough choice, but I'll take Leonard first. He's the MVP of the AL at this point and he leads both leagues in 3 of the 5 offensive categories. He's not bad in the other 2, by the way.

2. Second Place: SS Amp Palmer, Louisville

Anita: He's not the second best player in the league, but he's awfully good at a position that's hard to fill. There are very few good hitting shortstops in The Bigs, so I felt I had to grab one early.

3. Third Watch: 3B Calvin Chang, Fargo

Randall: Yeah, he's way overpaid. Yeah, his best years were in San Juan. But yeah, he's hitting for a really high average and is driving in runs at a premium defensive position.

4. Four Pete's Sake: SP Javier Henriquez, Fargo

Abby: One of these days he'll win as many games as he should. I guess I'm betting that it's next year. Even if not, he dominates in strikeouts, ERA, and WHIP.

5. Five Alive: 1B Ruben Hernandez, Salt Lake City

Ida: Pretty good deal grabbing a slugger who can also hit for a high average, even if he is a 1B. He was arguably the best hitter in the game before this season.

6. Six Shooters: LF Barry McEnroe, Boise

Al: "The Beast" has already proven himself an MVP candidate and he'll just get better.

7. Seven Signs... : LF Sean Simpson, Monterrey

Wybie: Can you believe he's still only 27? He could have gone first if he was still playing third base.

8. Ocho Stinko: RF Vic James, Salt Lake City

Sue: All-Star MVP and possible batting champion available at #8? OK.

9. Nine Lives: SS Daniel Koch, Boston

Charlie: As long as he's butchering- er, I mean playing- shortstop, his value goes up. He and Palmer are the only good hitting shortstops, so I'll grab him now.

10. Base 10: 1B Nick Hernandez, St. Louis

Seymour: I'll take a high-average run scorer who will steal bases and hope to get the homers and RBI at other positions to make up for it.

11. Base 10: 3B Monte Duvall, Huntington

Seymour: Since I took Hernandez, I need power. Duvall won't hit for average but I can count on 50 bombs.

12. Nine Lives: SP Lonny Gates, Huntington

Charlie: Thought about a catcher here, but I'll take the guy who is probably the second best starting pitcher.

13. Ocho Stinko: C Tony Stieb, Charlotte

Sue: I was hoping Gates would fall here. When doing my draft prep I didn't have a clear cut best starter after Javy and Gates, so I'll go with a slugger at a position that's tough to fill.

14. Seven Signs... : LF Jacque Puffer, Seattle

Wybie: Puffer is that much better than what else is on the board for me right now, so I'll double up in LF. Puffer will be my fourth starting OF. I can deal with that.

15. Six Shooters: C Ernest Montgomery, Louisville

Al: I take him here because he caught enough games to qualify as a catcher. Not quite as valuable as a DH. Dangerous veteran hitter on a good team.

16. Five Alive: 3B Mitch Sobkowiak, Montgomery

Ida: Had he started the season in the big leagues he'd win the rookie of the year award in a landslide. He's got the 4th best OPS in all of baseball. The guy right behind him? Barry McEnroe.

17. Four Pete's Sake: SP David Dunwoody, Trenton

Abby: I'll go pitching 1-2 and try to dominate the pitching categories. Dunwoody isn't quite what he used to be, but he is still dominant on many nights.

18. Third Watch: LF Dennis Tamura, Jackson

Randall: Another well-rounded hitter who is a possible MVP candidate next season.

19. Second Place is the First Loser: RF P.T. Lee, Cincinnati

Anita: Superstar in the making, just not known to the average fan because he plays in Cincinnati.

20. Hugo First: LF Alex Lim, Fargo

Hugo: OK, I'll bookend Leonard with an MVP candidate in the NL in Lim. Our offense should be dangerous.

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