Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trenton Postmortem Part 1

The Trenton Traffic failed to make the playoffs, falling in game #162 by a score of 12-4 to Washington. Vancouver snuck into the 6th spot by beat Salem in the last game. Since the Traffic and Golden Otters split the season series, Vancouver won the tiebreaker by virtue of their 21-9 division record compared to the Traffic's 16-14 record in a much tougher division. So Trenton, at 92-70, will amazingly not make the playoffs.

GM gumbercules issued a statement after the game, saying "I probably feel like most of the fans right now, which is like I got punched in the stomach. One the one hand I am disappointed as our goal, which was to win a World Series title, now comes to an end. On the other hand, we did win 92 games, which is not easy to do in this league. So it's hard to say what else we could have done. I know they played hard from the opening pitch of game 1 until the last out of game 162. "

So here is the analysis of the Trenton season by the local office of TBDN:


Strength: Balance. Trenton was the only team to have 8 players hit at least 20 homers, led by Vasco Lopez's 35. Without the benefit of a DH, that means all 8 regulars hit the 20 homer plateau.

Weakness: Lack of speed. After Rico Valdes was pulled from the lineup, Watty Miller was the only player in the lineup with more than 2 stolen bases.


Strength: The top of the rotation. David Dunwoody wasn't quite as good as last season, but he had a very good season. Dwight Salmon had a bounceback season, leading the team in wins.

Weakness: The bullpen. Other than closer Bernie Corino, no reliever had an ERA under 4.

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