Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sand Cat End of Season Meows

We won the division outright, surprise!! We garnered the #4 seed which may be a blessing in disguise. In simple terms we favor a Seattle match up instead of Jackson. It is rumored that Seattle has bought up all time and space of hot tubs and massage parlors in the greater Las Vegas area already. We have made our roster moves and hopefully it might surprise the Killer Whales.

Interesting question came to mind after the season. How would have the Cats fared in Helena this season? More offense for sure, if Weston hits 30 homers there, Harvey, Sierra, Bolling and Koplove would have hit near 40 a piece. But would the pitching staff withstood the pressure? The defense would have been the same. But would it have been enough to win 90 games?

The medical staff did all they could with Tony Burnitz but it wasn't enough to save his job for next season. He is contemplating retirement.

Walter "Red Herring" Ewing made his ML debut against Boise in the final series of the season. In two appearances spanning 3.1 innings, he allowed 2 hits while striking out 3 and walking 1. One of the hits was a long ball that hasn't landed yet, not much you can say about that as it was off the bat of Barry "Wolfman" McEnroe. He may be needed next year as York Burnett has decided to go into FA. That makes two high profile players leaving next year with Paul Ingram joining York. Got to remember to up the Scouting a bit as both will probably be Type A's.

Felipe Cela was voted by the team as the best move of the season. His signing off the FA scrap heap gave us the much needed 5th starter. His biggest problem is durability, needing an extra day sometimes.

Coco Hines is "Da Man" of the season of course. He may be rewarded with a lot of hardware for his record setting season and as well as money in the spokesperson industry. He is being pursued by Nike and Wheaties already.

How busy will we be in the off-season I am not sure. The only thing we might be looking at is finding a true #1 starter in FA.

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