Saturday, July 11, 2009

10 To Go

With 10 games to I wold have thought things may have cleared a little, but there I go thinking again. This week we will look at the NL first where scheduling was done by the Commissioners front office gopher, Dick Dastardly and his sidekick Muttley. I will tell you they are a sadistic pair as you will see.


1. Atlanta Bandits - Has East Crown and maybe the #1 seed and came very close to thumping the Bunnies out of the playoff picture. Up next is a 4 game series with the North Leading Fargo Dirtbags.

2. Fargo Dirtbags - Leads the North comfortably and has a playoff spot, but must travel to Atlanta in what could be a prelude to the playoffs already. This has Chicago tuning their flutes and Houston licking their chops.

3. Houston Riverdogs - Has the South crown already in hand and sees the Fargo - Atlanta series as a way to jump seeds. Always a but though, a 4 four game home series with the playoff bound Chicago bunch could prove to be another playoff prelude. After that they have to face them Dead Bunnies who may not be DOA.

4. Salem Sacrifices - Leads the West by 4 games. They travel to Washington for a 4 game series before facing playoff contenders Salt Lake City and Cheyenne both on the road.

5. Chicago Snake Tamers - AS already stated they still have a shot at the division crown, but must play Houston and hope Atlanta beats up on Fargo.

6. Cheyenne Nation - Has a 1 game lead for the final spot and has a relatively easy schedule until the final 3 with Salem.

7. Salt Lake City Shakers - After dropping the last three to Trenton put their hopes on hold. They do have a relatively easy schedule with only Salem to dim their hopes.

8. San Juan Dead Bunnies - After resuscitation from the Atlanta disaster it doesn't actually get much better with Trenton and Houston in their schedule. Still could pick up the pieces if Cheyenne and Salt Lake fold.

9. Trenton Traffic - Yes, they are still in the mix barely after winning 5 of their last 6. They could also pick off a spot though it is remote as they face the Bunnies and Bandits yet.

What a week it will be in the NL!!!! But if you think that is wild, look at the AL.

And if you thought the Dick and Muttley lineup was fun, look at the AL. At one time all the front runners was tied for the #1 seed and it could happen again this week.


1. Milwaukee Manic Maulers - Has suddenly come alive and usurped the North lead to start, thanks to the St Louis demise at the hands of Jackson. The Maulers have a relatively easy schedule and could easily knock St Louis out of the playoffs later in the week.

2. Seattle Killer Whales - Has a 1 game lead in the West and in a tie for the #1 seed. Has an upcoming 4 game series with St Louis that could break someones back and of course the season ending series with Helena.

3. Monterrey Sultans - Had a seemingly comfortable lead in the South until the Jackson Vipers raised their ugly heads and struck without compassion. An ending series with Jackson could be interesting if things go haywire.

4. Louisville Legends - The only team in the AL with a guaranteed playoff spot at the moment with the East crown already in their pocket. Moving up the ladder to another seed will be tough as their schedule isn't hard but sure isn't easy by any means.

5. Helena Grotto Gottos - Has lost the lead in the West to the revived hard charging Killer Whales. Losing their last two game to their nemesis, Buffalo, the last being a 16 inning marathon, hurt. The schedule is relatively easy till the final series with Seattle which could decide the West race.

6. St. Louis Silly Nannies - Did have the North crown in sight, but 5 straight losses to Buffalo and Jackson dimmed that issue and put their playoff hopes in jeopardy. With Seattle and Milwaukee in the next 7 games could be a ball buster.

7. Jackson Vipers - They have made their presence known quickly. After seemingly blowing their chances with Louisville and Buffalo (there is that team again), have come on strong winning their last 7 games and making a strong bid for a playoff spot. Not that easy of a schedule left and Monterrey may decide their fate in the final 3.

Footnote: A 100 win season by a team looks very remote in the AL this year.

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