Tuesday, July 7, 2009

International Market News, Top 5

Miguel Castilla became the highest paid IFA so far this season at $27M and a MLB contract. Was he worth it? The answer to that question is to wait and see. But, if you ask me, we can say future Cy Youngs abound for this young superstar pitcher and it might start by the end of next season for Austin.

Max Javier is second so far tolling in at $20M. Washington D.C. fans are a little down on the kid as they are worried that he isn't going to be a world class SS they hoped for. Not to worry because he can play 3B and can hit for average with a few dingers tossed in.

Alex Jose is next on the list at $18M. Although it is tough figuring out which is his first name, he does have the credentials to play SS even if it might be on the light side. Who can turn down a power hitting SS anyway.

Neifi Gonzalez is fourth in the list at $18M. Nefi will be good, but his stamina is weak to go real deep into games and the pitching stable is a little light and odd.

Del Rodriguez rounds out the top 5 at $15.5M. Not the greatest on defense but does have adequate PC and glove. Power and more power as he will be tough out and many will land in the upper deck.

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