Friday, July 31, 2009

Offseason changes and rumors

The biggest piece of news to report right now is that there are no changes. No changes in ownership, no teams moving. As stability is usually a great sign for a league, this reporter is pleased to have nothing to report on this subject.

With no team/ownership moves to report, we might as well get the rumor mill up and running. Quite a few names have been bandied about as being available at the GMs meetings in Hawaii. The most prominent of them would be Seattle's King Winn, who struggled mightily after being dealt to the Pacific Northwest mid-season. The likely landing spot for him would be another AL team. Washington is dangling power-hitting 1B Jimmie Williams, as the Blue Coats continue their rebuilding process. Speedster Rico Valdes could be playing for his 5th team in 7 seasons, as Chicago is dangling him. Trenton was disappointed in their 82 win season and looking to make some changes, making it clear that Enrique Park and Alex Sanchez are available for the right price. Expect a flurry of deals right before free-agency- I think a lot of deals are going to get done this season.

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