Monday, July 13, 2009

3 Games To Go

I have seen some wild finishes before, but this season takes the cake. Normally, with three games to go most of the seeds have been claimed with maybe 1 or 2 that is a fight to the finish. Not this season.

First the wild NL races.

1. Atlanta Bandits - Has won the East crown and the #1 seed.

2. Claimers: Chicago Snake Tamers, Fargo Dirtbags, Houston Riverdogs
Fargo has run into a buzz saw lately and are still reeling going 2-11 and dropping a 10 game lead in the North. While the Dirbags were off fishing for a win, Chicago started a 16-2 run that has them tied atop the North and poised to take the crown. Houston hoped to grab the #2 seed while Fargo was getting thumped but fell victim to Chicago.
All three are in the Show, but Chicago hosts the spoiler capable Toronto Toros who just swept Fargo. Fargo travels to the home of Philadelphia Phantoms who surprised Chicago in game 1 their series and could spoil Fargos dreams. Houston faces the tough upset minded New Orleans Voodoo. If you go by teams records, Fargo has the best shot at claiming the #2 seed while Houston claims the #3 seed and poor Chicago captures the #5 seed, but boys and girls, this is exactly why we play the games.

4. Once, in a galaxy very very far away, this seed belonged to the Salem Sacrifices until Salt Lake got done with them. Out of nowhere rode the Cheyenne Nation with brightly painted faces and war clubs pounding opponents into submission. Now these two bitter enemies will do battle in a three game set in Cheyenne to see who wins the crown and the seed.

5. The loser of the North gets to claim this lowly slot.

6. The loser of the West can claim this slot if it is not a sweep, ironic. The Salt Lake City Shakers who got into this predicament by the Toronto "Spoiler" Toros before sweeping Salem could yet claim the seed with a sweep of the home standing Vancouver Golden Otters but needs help with a sweep in the West title series.

Did everyone get that? I am not sure either..whew..that is enough to make ones head spin. So onward to the easy AL. Did I say easy? Think again grasshopper.

1. Milwaukee Manic Maulers - Came from behind as predicted to claim the North crown and the #1 seed. Has a 3 game set at Buffalo.

2. Currently held by the Helena Grotto Gottos thanks to St Louis and Boise for beating up on Seattle and Monterrey losing. Helena faces Seattle for the West crown once again and needs to win one of the three for that to happen and 2 wins could wrap up the #2 seed.

3. Monterrey Sultans wins the South crown thanks to a Charlotte win over Jackson. Could claim the #2 seed but first must get by the Jackson Vipers who still have a slim playoff chance.

4. Louisville Legends wins the East crown and faces the Scranton Janitors in their finale. The Legends could climb a seed or two if they are lucky.

5. St. Louis Silly Nannies will likely end in this spot as they face the Syracuse Simpletons. A sweep is expected but not guaranteed ya know but needs a win to ensure a playoff spot or a Jackson loss.

6. The Loser of the West or the Jackson Vipers. The Vipers could make it but only if they sweep Monterrey and Helena sweeps Seattle or Syracuse sweeps St. Louis (I said Jackson's chances were slim but better than none).

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